The “Palestinian” Arabs and the Forgotten Iranian Arabs
Canada Free Press / Steven Simpson
15-Dec-2010 (2 comments)

The Islamic Republic of Iran—which would be better known as the Islamic Occupation Regime—has for over thirty years championed itself as the “Palestinian” Arabs greatest supporters in the Islamist quest to extirpate the State of Israel from the world. Yet, while the non-Arab, Persian Shi’ite regime demonizes Israel and “Zionists” twenty four hours a day, it aligns itself with the Arab Sunni fundamentalist terror gang called Hamas, while also aligning itself with the Arab Shi’ite terrorist gang - Hizbullah - which has a strangle hold on Lebanon.


Persians and Arabs

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This is my first entry on I noticed this article from the Canada Free Press which talks about the IRI and its treatment of the Arabs of Khuzistan. It also talks about Israel and the Palestinians and how everyone knows about the Palestinians, but most people do not know about Iranian Arabs. How do Iranians feel about Israel and Arabs?





How do you feel about Israel and Arabs?

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