Director Hanna Makhmalbaf Addresses the People of Lebanon Ahead of Ahmadinejad's Visit / Potkin Azarmehr

Neither Mohsen Makhmalbaf nor his daughter Hanna now support what is going on in Iran. In fact they both now back the Green Movement and desire a democratic change in Iran like most Iranians do. Having had the experience of living in a religious state, Hanna hopes her experience will alert the people of Lebanon ahead of Ahmadinejad's imminent visit to Lebanon. Her address to the people of Lebanon comes after the Lebanese authorities decided to stop the showing of her award winning film, Green Days, ahead of Ahmadinejad's visit, during the Beirut International Film Festival, so as not to upset the Iranian dictator who has promised a half billion Dollar loan to Lebanon.

"I was happy to think that by watching the film Green Days, you will see a realistic tale of Iran's elections. A green election which turned into blood red by the Iranian regime after  tens were killed and thousands were arrested.

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