Statement from Reza Pahlavi concerning the fate of compatriots on death row / Reza Pahlavi Crown Prince of IRan

I have profound concerns over the fate of my compatriots who could be executed any moment under the terms of death sentences handed down by the Clerical Regime. I urge all concerned citizens around the world to immediately write, call and email their ambassadors to the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as Iranian ambassadors in their own nations, to demand that these “judicial rulings” be reversed and the order of their executions be stayed.

Two of my compatriots who are in immediate danger of execution are Mrs. Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, a mother of two, who could be stoned to death and a young man, Mohammad Reza Hadadi, who at the time of crime was approximately fifteen years old, is to be executed on Wednesday. Unfortunately, these cases are all too common in my homeland: over 600 people now sit on death row.

The continuing, serious and flagrant human rights violations of my compatriots by the clerical regime in Iran must end. The shameful record of the clerical government’s endless violations of all the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - to which Iran has long been a signatory - needs no recounting. Since its inception thirty years ago, the clerical regime of Iran has been repeatedly cited for human rights violations by a host of international human rights agencies and organizations, including United Nations’ Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, United Nations’ Commission on Human Rights, Amnesty International, ... >>>

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