Accept That the Regime in Iran Is Here To Stay
Forward / Yossi Alpher
07-Jun-2010 (one comment)

Yet the simplest indication that regime change efforts against Tehran don’t work is the fact that for nearly 30 years they haven’t worked.

Indeed, objectively speaking, the mullahs’ regime has been in far worse straits throughout most of the past three decades than it is today, when it is flooded with petrodollars. Iranians willingly vote in their elections, however unfair and undemocratic they may look to us. They idolize the heroes of the war in the 1980s with Iraq. And when they express dissatisfaction with their abject lack of freedoms, the regime is very skillful at suppressing dissent.


A Reminder From the Past

by eshghvamohabat on

I'm aware that this article is from over two years ago, but the observations are valid today as well. there was 85% voter turnout in the election last year and there is still no evidence of fraud in the election

the author of the article is a former mossad agent