Director in Cologne re-emerged (in German)
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Regisseur in Köln wieder aufgetaucht

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Es ist einer der mysteriösesten Fälle der
vergangenen Zeit: Der vor zwölf Tagen spurlos verschwundene
iran-kritische Regisseur Daryush Shokof tauchte am Samstagabend in
Porz-Langel auf. Verwirrt und ängstlich bat er Jugendliche, die Polizei
zu rufen. Mit der Begründung, er sei entführt worden.

Zwölf Tage war Daryush Shokof spurlos verschwunden - bis Samstagabend.

ängstlich und geschwächt, so berichten Zeugen, taucht der iranische
Filmemacher und Schriftsteller plötzlich an einem Ausflugslokal am
Rheinufer in Porz-Langel auf - und für die Kölner Polizei beginnen die
Ermittlungen zu einem der rätselhaftesten Vermisstenfälle der
vergangenen Zeit. „Die Hintergründe sind im Augenblick noch vollkommen
ungeklärt“, sagte ein Polizeisprecher dem „Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger“

Zuletzt in Köln gesehen

Shokof gilt als harter Kritiker des iranischen Regimes. Er lebt in
Berlin, soll aber Bekannte in Köln haben. Am 24. Mai soll er zuletzt im
Kölner Hauptbahnhof gesehen worden sein. Der 55-Jährige wollte laut
Medienberichten einen Zug nach Paris besteigen, dort hatte er einige
Termine. Doch in der französischen Hauptstadt kommt er off... >>>

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is one of the most mysterious cases of recent times: the twelve days
ago have disappeared without trace iran-critical director Daryush
Shokof appeared on Saturday evening in Porz-Langel.
Confused and frightened, he asked young people to call the police. On the grounds that he had been kidnapped.

Daryush Shokof

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Twelve days was Daryush Shokof disappeared without a trace - until Saturday evening.

Daryush Shokof

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Twelve days was Daryush Shokof disappeared without a trace - until Saturday evening.

COLOGNE / PORZ / Langel - Twelve days was Daryush Shokof disappeared without a trace - until Saturday evening.

frightened and weakened, witnesses report, the Iranian filmmaker and
writer appears suddenly in a tourist restaurant on the banks of the
Rhine in Porz-Langel on - and for the Cologne police begin the
investigation into one of the most mysterious disappearances of the
"The backgrounds are still quite unclear at the moment," said a police spokesman, the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

Last seen in Cologne

Daryush Shokof is considered strong critic of the Iranian regime. He lives in Berlin should, but have friends in Cologne. On 24 May he should have been last seen in the Cologne train station. The 55-year-old did, according to media reports, a train climbing to Paris, where he had a few dates. But in the French capital, he is evidently never. When police in Berlin is soon a missing person.

Twelve long days received neither his family nor friends and colleagues, a sign of life. Shokof environment suggested that the artist had been kidnapped. In an open letter calls for the "Club of Iranian-European film-makers" on the German authorities to seek Shokof. "We
would like to point out that the missing filmmakers, Mr. Daryush Shokof
to the major critics of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is very
politically active.
is considered that the Iranian regime has to date killed more than 400
dissidents abroad by terrorist missions, including in Germany, "the
authors write.


first to Daryush Shokof again, youth is Kira K., K. Luke and Caroline
P. The three students have returned on Saturday from a school trip.
Kira's father she met at the station and went home. The friends decide to end the day comfortably on the banks of the Rhine in Langel. What the 15-year-olds to do there, could also come from an agent thriller.

It is just 23 clock on Saturday. Kira, Luke and Caroline sitting on the bench next to the restaurant "Zur Tant '". They talk about the recent trip, when they suddenly see in the dark at the bottom of the stairs a man's face. "He
came towards us, saw us, lay down exhausted, and only repeated:" My
name is Shokof, call the police, I'm kidnapped ', "recalls Kira K." He
was wet and dripping, as
whether he was recently in the water, "said Luke P. Two anglers watch the bizarre scene from a distance. "I was first exposed to a bad joke," recalls Luke K.

But the students quickly realize that it is in the entirely black-clad, bearded man apparently seriously. "He was really weak, looked tired and broken. His
clothes were filthy, "said Caroline P." He looked shocked, as if
something had happened, as he had experienced or seen anything bad.
"Passer call an ambulance, Caroline P. alerted the police.
A police car races to the Rhine. The officials spoke to the man, hook under it and set it to the stairs. Ask him if he had been drinking alcohol. Then paramedics bring him to the hospital.

On Sunday, CID officials to look in Langel. They
ask the three young witnesses, seek clues that might give insight as to
what the 55-year-olds could have happened in the past twelve days.
"Run the investigation," police spokesman André Fassbender said at midday. He does not mention details. Sure is only certain that it is with the man at the missing Daryush Shokof.

Perhaps under the influence of drugs

In the hospital, the investigators come first no further. Outwardly the man, although uninjured, to questions of the police he can not answer, however. "It
is possible that he is under influence of drugs or drugs that is now
being investigated," says an investigator with the "Kölner
After all, should Shokof officials have reported that he was brought in a car and then released. From whom, where and when - all of this is now the subject of the investigation.

week had expressed his concern, the Iranian lawyer and Nobel peace
laureate Shirin Ebadi on the disappearance of the director.
Several Iranian-exile organizations feared stuck behind a politically motivated act of Islamist parties.

For such scenarios, the police have so far no concrete evidence. On Monday, investigators want to search again the conversation with Shokof.