And it is not because 10 foot blue cats are unlucky!
19-Jan-2010 (2 comments)

The China Film Group, which is run by the state, believes the plot of human colonists attempting to demolish an alien village for its resources steers too close to a very sensitive issue in China at the moment.



Avatar banned in China

by ramintork on

This is an interesting event because it could also show up China's sensitivity and fear if there was an alliance between our opposition and their Democratic movements. Watch out China! Stop supporting the Iranian Coup Government!




Smurfs to Avatar completes China's fear of the Blues

by MM on

The Chinese government was also against the Smurfs.  They probably think that Avatar is a re-incarnation of Smurfs, or Smurfs on Steroids, and so they banned Avatar too.

Next on the banned list is the Blues music.