Iranian dissident Masoud Ali Mohammadi ‘killed by Arab hitman’
18-Jan-2010 (6 comments)

An Iranian university professor killed last week by a blast from a remote-controlled bomb strapped to a parked motorcycle may have been the victim of an Arab hitman, according to opposition groups.

The murder of Masoud Ali Mohammadi, 50, a supporter of Mir Hossein Mousavi, the opposition leader, has been blamed by the Tehran regime on “mercenaries” financed by Israel and Washington because of his role as a nuclear physicist.

However, opposition groups who monitor Hezbollah, the militant Lebanese movement, in Tehran, claim that a member of the group, known by his pseudonym “Abu Nasser”, was photographed at the scene of the explosion in Tehran’s affluent Gheytarih suburb.

A German-based opposition group released a photograph of a man of similar appearance who, it alleges, was one of the pro-regime demonstrators who stormed Mousavi’s office in Tehran after disputed presidential elections last June.

The opposition claims the Revolutionary Guard uses Hezbollah operatives for some bloodthirsty tasks because they have a reputation for ruthlessness, and are outsiders and can always be blamed as opposition sympathisers.

Tehran has gone to great lengths to suggest that Mohammadi was killed because he was a nuclear scientist, implying that he was part of Iran’s programme to develop nuclear weapons.

However, Majid Mohammadi, a visiting scholar at the Institute for Global Studies at Stony Brook University, New York, and also a fr... >>>

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So, "Iranmilitaryforum"

by Onlyiran on

Are you telling us that IRI is stupid enough to kill the professor in a method which can be easily attributed to it?  Is the regime that stupid?  or is it at least smart enough to kill the guy in a way that it, and its propagandists, can say is the M.O. of "foreigners"? we weren't born yesterday, you know. :-))) 


This story is

by on

more amusing by the minute. The conspiracy thory is running high. As member "Obama" mentioned, there is no reason for IRI to use remote controlled bomb to take out anyone in Iran while a sniper, a car accident or many other techniques already attributed to IRI security agents could easily and quietly take care of the job.

The employment of a remote bomb only points to the killer who had a strong fear of being caught. A member of Iran security forces has all th epower he/she needs to comfortably leave the scene even if he is one way or other detected.

It is naive to listen to dancing media to refocus the public attention.

By the way, Timesonline is a member of Murduch group and the same publication that produced the forged documents claiming Iran was the path of designing nuclear bomb triggers.

No intelligent individual buy the story that IRI committed this killing by looking at thecircumstances. This killing clearly points to foreign agents for the obvious reasons.



by IranFirst on

Well, IRI has said today that they will attack the killers of DR. Mohamadi and take revenge, and IRI does not lie :-)

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

they're paid $ 200.00 daily by sepah.........

how can hizbollah be attacked for revenge ?          Maziar


I am not convinced! There are much evidence that israel did it!

by obama on

Look at other sources such as Mr. cooper's articles and LAAL and more. See for yourself in the articles that this was planned long time ago by MOSSAD, they just needed to blame it on IRI at a right timing.

Check out the interview with Jane Harmen the zionist congresswoman who blames it on IRI on NBC which belongs to the zionists (CEO ZUCKER).

Do you really think IRI needed to blow him up so it blows up the whole neighborhood? A bullet or knife would do! This is not how IRI kills, this is how MOSSAD kills the palestinian and hamas leaders. Israel knows that it cannot attack Iran, and the next best thing is to go after the nuclear brains.

I too would like to think IRI did it, but there are just too many evidence that MOSSAD was involved. Who would gain the most from this? Don't be emotional! Think devils! Down with IRI & Israel!


Abu Nasser's Picture

by IranFirst on