BBC Persian's Hart Talk with Akbar Ganji
bbc Persian
13-Jan-2010 (3 comments)

Akbar Ganji on BBC Persian's Talk Show Hard Talk. Akbar Ganji and 4 other Iranian reformists have issued a statement aimed at unifying the opposition and offer a solution to the current crisis. watch here

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Now I know the man!

by benross on

It is amazing how hard he has to try, for himself and for his potential followers, to undo what he accepted during Islamic revolution. Although as a person, religious or not, all of these philosophical issues he has struggle with, were basically non issue to begin with, when he joined the revolution... and this is the case for everybody joining the revolution, including those who by tradition were following their Akhoonds. Because even for them, this has never been a philosophical issue one way or the other.

I also disagree with Faani supposition that if there was no participation in the election, non of this would have happened. First, it is a dishonest question because supporters of the election couldn't see it coming either. Second, I think without the participation 'green' movement couldn't be created. But the 'social movement' would have, with some delay (that I hoped for) but on much stronger ground. Faani supposition is that IRI is running perfectly fine, and without that election and its unexpected aftermath, there couldn't possibly be any grounds for anomaly within the society! Ganji should have caught him there.


Enayat Faani is great.


Good interview.

Darius Kadivar

An interesting interview of Akbar Ganji

by Darius Kadivar on

worth watching and questions about Ganji and his past as well as his activism today.