Iran 'holding bin Laden relatives'
al jazeera
21-Dec-2009 (one comment)

"Abdul Rahman bin Laden said that Eman, his sister, one of his stepmothers and five of his brothers have been detained in Tehran since 1997.

'My siblings are innocent and have nothing to do with other people's disputes with our father,' he said.

Hussein Shobokshi, a columnist for the Saudi-owned newspaper Asharq Alawsat, told Al Jazeera that the discovery Iran was holding members of bin Laden's family was consistent with reports 'that Iran has been able to infiltrate al-Qaeda operations'.

'They have been hosting key figures in the leadership structure of al-Qaeda for some time and they have been co-operating visibly with them in Iraq, Yemen and Somalia amongst other places,' he said.


Iran 'co-operating with al-Qaeda' ?

by jigsawnovich on

After allegations Saddam was linked to 9-11 torned out to be false, I have a "crying wolf" feeling of trepidation about news reports linking governments to al-Qaeda. And there is the obvious question about how willing Shia IRI and Sunni al-Qaeda would be to cooperate. But if Hussein Shobokshi turns out to be correct--then was the IRI holding bin Laden's relatives because they didn't agree with Osama's politics? Or maybe something was lost in the translation from Arabic al jazeera to English? "Infiltrating" al Qaeda sounds adversarial, but the next paragraph says Iran is "hosting" and "cooperating" with al-Qaeda. .