Iran: Basij member describes election abuse
Channel 4 News
16-Dec-2009 (one comment)

A defecting member of the infamous Basij militia, the men who wounded and killed in the aftermath of the Iran elections in the summer, tells Lindsey Hilsum what he knows.

"I've lost my world and I've lost my religion" - the words of a former Iranian Basij militia member who says he witnessed killings and tried to stop rapes during the uprising that followed the disputed Presidential election in June.

After months of stories by witnesses and victims, we are now getting a picture of what went on by a man who claims he was part of the group ordered to carry out attacks.

He is now seeking refuge in the UK and has spoken exclusively to Channel 4 News about the orders the Basij were given to ensure President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the election.

In her blog, Lindsey Hilsum wrote: "Maybe the most convincing authentification we have is that his story confirms the reports we've had from victims and human rights groups, who say rape has been used all over Iran in the brutal months since the June election. That and his desperation. Rarely have I interviewed someone so distressed."

Lindsey Hilsum's report contains flash photography.

Election orders
"In truth the orders didn't come after the election. The orders for all that you witn... >>>

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A super sad story.......thank you for posting the article.....IRI takes advantage of religious people and make them do the dirty work! 


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

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