An Iranian Mother's Story: "One of my sons is buried, the other one is in Prison
Rooz Online via payvand / Kaveh Ghasemi Kermanshahi

On December 7th as Kamran Assa, the brother of Kianoosh Assa who died recently, tried to enter Elam va Sanaat University (Science and Industry) to participate in Student Day events, he was arrested by law enforcement agents. This is the university where Kianoosh was working for his Master's degree in petrochemicals. On Student Day, students of this institution wanted to commemorate Koanoosh and so had invited his family members to join them. Kamran's arrest took place less than six months after his brother's death during a protest in Tehran's Azadi circle. Fatemeh Fallah, Kianoosh and Kamran's mother who mourns her dead son spoke with Rooz about Kamran and expressed her "deep" concern.

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