Don’t strike deal with Ahmadinejad, pleads leader of Iran’s Green movement
Times Online / Martin Fletcher
20-Oct-2009 (one comment)

A leading opposition figure has expressed fears that the West will abandon Iran’s pro-democracy movement and strike a deal with the Tehran regime over its nuclear programme.

“We are concerned that the West will betray us — and its own principles of liberty, democracy and human rights,” said the man, an Iranian academic and a leader of an underground cell. He cannot be identified for fear of retribution.

Speaking to The Times in a European capital, having recently slipped out of Iran, the senior member of the country’s “Green” movement warned that Iran’s apparent nuclear concessions were merely a ruse to ease international pressure while it sought to crush domestic dissent. “How can you rely on any promises and pledges made by a government that not only stole the June election, has not only killed and raped its own citizens, but also has consistently hidden major parts of the nuclear programme?” he asked.

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The problem with this

by benross on

The problem with this picture is this. A spokesperson of an underground cell who can not be identified for his own safety, asks U.S not to strike a 'deal' with IRI. Then with whom U.S should strike a 'deal' if he can't even be named?

I think U.S is doing the right thing with keeping the dialogue open with IRI. The notion of 'striking a deal' is somewhat superfluous. What deal? I hope nobody thinks (I hope but I know some do) that U.S has such magic power to strike a 'deal' pertaining IRI future. That U.S decides IRI 'stay'!