Iranian-born US Nurse Brings Medicine and Education to Afghan Women
VOA via Payvand
08-Oct-2009 (one comment)

In this week's edition of our series Making a Difference, we meet an Iranian-born woman who says education is the best way to help the people of Afghanistan, especially women and children. In 2001, Fary Moini traveled to Pakistan where she volunteered in a refugee clinic, helping to deliver babies. She says the lack of supplies was shocking.

"There were no bed sheets, no hot water, no heater at all. During delivery, electricity was gone and we had to use a flashlight, and doctors were using food gloves. Without any anesthesia or anything, we delivered the baby with a flashlight," she explains, "I'll never forget I went back, and I sat in a chair, and I felt sick. And tears were running down my face, and they said, 'What is wrong with you?' And I said, 'What is wrong with me!? What is this?' I mean, it was so inhumane!"

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Today's college student...

by oklanp on

Today's college student has a lot more to worry about.  Polls indicate that the hugest concerns that today's college student faces is their financial situation, since the average college degree has a price that has risen dramatically above the rate of inflation.  (We simply must have new uniforms for the football team, you know.)  Today's economy has less middle class job opportunities, and recent polls by AP and MTV U indicate that the ability to pay off student debt is inhibited, and many grads are returning back to their parent's homes to make ends meet.   Today's college studentneed debt relief more than ever, and economic mismanagement is short changing our future leaders.