Iran reformer moved from jail to house arrest

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian authorities transferred prominent reformer Saeed Hajjarian to a "state-owned"; house on Thursday from the jail where he has been held since shortly after the disputed election, semi-official Mehr news said.

"The Tehran prosecutor told me that Hajjarian was transferred today to a state-owned house with proper medical facilities ... His relatives can visit him at the new place," said MP Kazem Jalali. The judiciary had said Hajjarian would be released on July 29. Analysts say "state-owned" houses belong to security-related organizations, including Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards and the Intelligence Ministry. "Detainees who are kept in such places, are actually under tight
security supervision but it does not mean they have been freed," said
an analyst, who asked not to be named. "These houses could be anywhere in the city."

Hajjarian's family have expressed concerns over his health. Iran's top judge Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi ordered the judiciary Monday to re-examine the cases of moderate detainees in a week.

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