Camp Ashraf residents wounded in offensive as People's Mujahedeen call on world for protection
Middle East Online / Ali Al-Tuwaijri - BAQUBA
28-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

 The Iraqi army seized control on Tuesday of the main base for Iran's main armed opposition in exile after months of a tense standoff, military officials said. The storming of Camp Ashraf, which was disarmed by the United States in 2003 and surrounded by American forces until recently, coincided with a visit to Iraq by US Defence Secretary Robert Gates. The offensive, which one police source said left 15 people wounded, came after the People's Mujahedeen said it was ready to return to Iran if the authorities there would guarantee its members would not be abused.

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by capt_ayhab on

Rajavie and entire leading group must be put on trial for betraying Iran. But my heart goes for these poor souls who have sold their souls to devil[Rajavie, and Banoo].




rumour is rajavi's dead

by fozolie on


Mr. Fozolie


As a fellow Iranian, I feel sorry for them...

by Ostaad on

These MKO rank-and-file members, who have sacrificed all they have had including their family lives, children and maybe even spouses due to the misguided and disastrous leadership of the Rajavi mercenary-terrorist family deserve a second chance.

The people whom I like tosee in the dock in some international court are the filety so-called leaders who left them behind in Iran to rot, while they moved to Europe to take up life in nice leafy suburbs of Paris and other cities rubbing shoulders with some Euro-jerks who are duped by them.

I think these people need to be allowed to go back to their families to start a Masoud-and-Mariam-free life. Let's delice them from the Rajavis and give them a second chance.

They have been punished enough.