A Large Parthian Site in Khuzestan Province Seriously Damaged & Partly Destroyed
20-Jul-2009 (one comment)

During the widening of a road by the Islamic Republic’s controlled Iran’s National Oil Company near the city of Ahwaz, a large historical site dating back to the Parthian dynasty (248 BCE - 224 CE) was seriously damaged and some sections were completely destroyed, as reported by the Persian service of the Friends of Khuzestan’s Friends of Cultural Heritage Society (TARIANA).

Apparently the destruction of the site began over a decade ago by the Islamic Republic’s Construction Jihad Foundation. The name and the exact location of the site have been kept secret for security reasons.

“Destruction of this important site which its’ name cannot be disclosed for security reasons, began in 1990s by the Jihad Foundation,” said Mojtaba Gahestuni, the director of Tariana.

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Antri-Iranian IRI destroying Iranian Heritage, again

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The Arab rulers of IRI, who provide any sort of money to Arabs/Palestinians, Hezbollah, or many Islamic causes, actively destroy Iranian Heritage. This "Jihad" foundation is doing its part to fulfill IRI's dream of the full Islamization of Iran.