Iran’s Presidential Elections, Islamic Populism and Liberation Theology
globalresearch / Akbar Torbat
20-Jul-2009 (4 comments)

A day before the election, the Iranian political activist Nasser Zarafshan said “a Ukraine-type velvet revolution” is in the cards to be played by the West in order to dominate Iran. A well financed high-tech campaign using YouTube, Facebook and twitter on the Internet and text messaging communication was underway in Iran. Yet, these means of communication are only known to a small fraction of Iran’s population. In addition, thousands of expensive posters, CDs, and other items prepared by pro-Mousavi green camp quickly flooded the streets of Tehran. The Western Media and especially the Farsi Language television programs such as the Persian BBC and Voice of America had potent impacts on the so called “reformists” or the neoliberal candidates’ supporters, but not Ahmadinejad’s constituencies that are masses not affected by such modern propagandas. The Western media boasted Mousavi’s image without knowing much about who he was. Obviously, he could not be painted as “Iran’s Gandhi” as some Western reporters ridiculously touted. Mousavi is not a charismatic leader and does not have an impressive record. In fact he was an Islamic fanatic when he became prime minster. He helped to shut down the Iranian universities for three years in order to launch the so called “Cultural Revolution”. Also, during his repressive premiership, thousands of Iranian political prisoners were executed. He has been out of politics for about 20 years and has not been socially ... >>>

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Akbar Torbat Is a Realist

by Far_Iran on

This is an analytical article about the Iranian election exploring the reasons on how the incumbent president has won. The author of this article, Dr. Torbat, has not written this piece in support of the IRI. His reference to Dr. Zarafshan’s statement is based on what Dr. Zarafshan has clearly stated. It is deplorable that many individuals still resort to insults and baseless accusations when they run out of logical explanations. Why those who have attacked Dr. Torbat for writing a factual article do not attack the authors of another article expressing similar facts about this election that was published in Washington Post on June 15 by two well known American authors? What is preventing them from insulting those authors as well? The fact is that during the past several weeks, there has been tremendous support expressed in various media for Rafsanjani and his ally Mousavi who was defeated in the election. It seems that people have forgotten that Rafsanjani’s group has been responsible for well known corruptions and countless and barbaric killings of innocent individuals in Iran for almost 30 years. Are these people pro human rights and democracy? They should wake up, they are fooling no one.


Author is Akbar Torbat

by IranFirst on

He is the one I am talking about. A total IRI stooge and a leftist who lives in West and supports IRI. Mr. Torbat's support of Ahamadinejad and IRI, based on his leftist dogma and not what the realities on the street are is amazing, but consistant with left's hearthless crave and admiration for anyone that pretends to be "anti-imperialist" weather it is Saddam or Antari


Keep Mr. Zarafshan's name

by Asghar_Massombagi on

out of this propaganda piece.  He spent 5 years in the regime's jail because he dared to go public with his findings regarding the chain murders of writers and jouralists in the late 90's.  It's despicable of the writer to abuse Mr. Zarafshan in this way.  As a lwayer and the head of Iran's writers' union (Kanoon) He has been one of the staunchest supporters of human rights in Iran.  The Kanoon which officially boycotted the election, has since wholeheartedly supported the people's rights to protests against the disputed election result, and condemened the draconian treatment of the demonstrators by the police and the Basij. And by the way, Mr. Zarafshan is a committed leftist, living and working in Iran, so let's not make this a love fest for anti-leftism in general.


Anoter Idiot Leftist

by IranFirst on

Another leftist living in West and using its freedoms to bad mouth West and prasing IRI, while he will never live in IRI. If he and the other Leftists really love IRI, and "anti-imperialism" why don't they live in Iran ?!. To people like him, all Iranian protestors must be CIA agents !, because in his blind dogma (the same as Islamists), people have no brains and have to come to him and the leftists to learn what's good for them.