Iranian dissenters embark on campaign of covert civil disobedience
The Times
07-Jul-2009 (8 comments)

Forced to stop demonstrating by police brutality, a Tehran nurse called Mojgan has found a new way of expressing her hatred of a regime which, she believes, stole the election from Mir Hossein Mousavi then ruthlessly stifled dissent. In the privacy of her home she takes all the banknotes from her purse and, with the help of her two children, writes on them “Mousavi” or “Death to the Dictator”. Then she goes out and spends them, using the legal currency of the Islamic Republic to undermine a rotten state. “The most important thing is to let the Government know we are still here and we won’t give up,” she said. Its massive street protests crushed by the regime’s deployment of overwhelming force, Iran's Opposition is now embarking on a campaign of civil disobedience of which the nightly chorus of Allahu Akbar — God is greatest — from the roofs and balconies of Iranian cities is only the most obvious manifestation. Other ideas are beginning to catch on, some of them positively witty.

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Basiji is with bazaari? Are you sure?

by gol-dust on

We'll find out!


Iranfirst: I don't mean it to be lecturing

by Bavafa on

and for that my apologies first, but lets condemn the behavior and practices rather then the race. Arab is a race that expanse many different culture and countries, some as backward and oppressive as it gets and some not as bad. There are many many Arabs that are fighting for their freedom just as most Iranians are, so lets not sum every body in the same group.



Dear Mehrdad

by IranFirst on

Being ARAB has noting to do with race, it is a culture thing. And that is the culture that the rulers of Iran want to impose on us. Its getting rid of everything Iranain and replacing it with Arabic (language, sysmbols, and imposed barbaric Islam, terrorism, backwardness, stoning..). That is what I call "ARAB". Saudis definetly qualify for this backward ARAB culture, Lebanese (not hezbolah) don't, Ahmadinejad and Basij do....  What elese can I think these craetures whoes only thought is how to spread Arab Islam and in the mean time they kill Iranian youth and hate anything that has anything to with our history,

Our Iranian culture is not perfect , but in my view much much better than this "ARAB"/Islamic/barbaric culture. I know Arab Iranians (by race) who are much more Iranian than some of the IRI posters who post hereand their only thought is how toput down Iran and Iranian culture





by minadadvar on

I have heard that Bazzarizes are closely associated with Basijjis.  If this is true, people should boycutt Bazzare, completely.


My hat off to the protestors

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

They are very creative. Never give up, never accept status quot and never be afraid.

rosie is roxy is roshan

How can we help them?

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

That is whtt I want to know. What is the best, most effective way for us outside to help them maintain a groundswell of civil disobedience and passive resistance so that the historic opportunity is not lost?

I'm not talking about keeping up the profile in the internatinal community of the bankruptcy of the regime. That's obvious..

I'm talking about domestically.

(As far as witty goes, one of my fantasies has always been for all the women in the cities to start wearing full burqa. IRI hates nothing more than the Taliban because they want to prove that they are progressive and women can still be worth half a man yet somehow be equal. How do you get the hijab police to go after women in burqa? If you think about it's a very powerful statement and very funny. I know, I know it was and remains a fantasy but still I like it..)


Iran first but not if it is based on racism

by Bavafa on

I probably dislike the regime just as much as any decent person, but just blaming every thing on Arabs is not going to do us any thing good. With people like you, this movement will not get any where nor IRI will go anywhere.



The Best way to defeat the Criminal IRI and Basij

by IranFirst on

It will take a while, let's see how the Arab rullers of IRI counter these..