Why Obama was Measured on Iran
Newsweek / Mark Hosenball
29-Jun-2009 (one comment)

President Obama's cautious response to election results in Iran may be partly explained by the fact that U.S. intelligence agencies were off the mark in assessments they gave the White House and lawmakers. Five officials familiar with intel reporting and analysis, who asked for anonymity to discuss sensitive material, say most experts at the CIA and other intel agencies initially believed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won reelection solidly—and that if there was fraud, it was at the margins.

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by Kurush (not verified) on

The BBC for weeks before the actual elections was on record to say that there would be voting fraud. Knowing that about at least 6 million Iranians tune in, mostly in Tehran. the seeds of 'misinformation' was being planted. The BBC and MI6 of Britain have proven links. The BBC, like the NPR, went through a lot of purging in the 90's to the extent that they have virtually become Voice of America/CIA. Moussavi delcared on the night of the election day his win even before the polls closed, again giving the impression that anything but Moussavi's outright win would be fradulent. That is how Western psychological warefare operates: naive/gullible masses+misinformation steadily piped out throught official 'news' organization + sanctions + inernal sabotage = instability/mob riots.