If It Is Time For Regime Changes In The Middle East, Where Should We Begin?
Peyvand.com / Kam Zarrabi
29-Jun-2009 (2 comments)

The problem, however, is in evaluating and judging which state is the worst of the worst that should draw global attention for regime change considerations. Which state should be the first one to be isolated and put under international sanctions, economic and diplomatic pressure, and even military threats, in order to submit to the will of the international community?

Which state is the greatest violator of United Nations Security Council resolutions, has committed the most heinous atrocities, including war crimes, against its neighbors, bans media reporters and broadcasts from the scenes of its atrocities on a routine basis, has threatened and continues to threaten other nations, has armed itself to the teeth, has horded weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons and means of delivering them, and where not all citizens of the state share equal civil rights and privileges under the law? 

You only have one guess as to the name of this staunchest ally of the Unites States, which is referred to as the only democracy and the symbol of Western values in the Middle East!

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Farhad Kashani

Shah Gholam,   We are

by Farhad Kashani on

Shah Gholam,


We are pleased that you are bluntly and openly side with the regime that has been and is as we speak butchering our people in Iran. We are glad cause we needed to see who is the true friend and who is the true enemy of the people.


Furthermore, IRI regime change has been for 30 years and now more so than ever, the ultimate desire of the world, including the vast majority of Iranians for these obvious reasons:


1-     IRI is the main inspirer, promoter and supporter of Islamic Fundamentalism Terrorism.

2-     IRI is the main promoter and inspirer of clash among civilization, specifically between the West and Islam.

3-     IRI is the single biggest obstacle for peace in the Middle East by killing any peace process between Israeli and Arabs through its terrorist goons in Hezbollah and Hamas.

4-     IRI is the single biggest chaos causing factor in the world by adding reasons 1-3 above and adding to that its pursue of nuclear weapons which could lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and then rest of the world, by building coalition with other oppressor governments like Venezuela, Zimbabwe, N Korea and others hence helping those regimes to survive by supporting them with oil money, and it’s a warmongering thuggish rhetoric which through its reign of 30 years provoked Saddam to attack Iran, almost caused a war with Taliban, and is trying hard to provoke Israel and U.S to attack Iran.

5-     IRI is Fascist like religious dictatorship responsible for rarely seen crimes against humanity in our country.


So, Shah Gholam, IRI had and still has a hellish propaganda machine, and apparently, you have decided to be a part of it. But have you thought about what it has achieved in the last 30 years using this propaganda machine? Let me tell you: increased illegitimacy, because IRI thinks it can fool people but the joke is on them!! As I told your friends, be my guest joining IRIs sinking ship! Let me help you get on it!



Apparently Mr Kam Zarrabi is an expert at reading between the..

by Ali Akbar (not verified) on

Lines ...but I'll bite...

At the beginning it is obvious to anyone who has an IQ in the Double digits Mr Kam Zarrabi is alluding to Israel but it could also be Syria but who's counting???...

Also Israel does have some skeletons to deal with concerning the Palestinian situation but when you have a country such as Iran who not only questions whether the Slaughter of millions of Jews before WWII actually happened then quite understandbly I can see Israel's concern of Iran's obtaining NUCLEAR Weaponry

Next on Kam Zarrabi's list is Turkey I'll put it this way...Turkey is Sunni Muslim Mr Kam Zarrabi might be Shiite Muslim that alone should answer many questions. Now if Kam Zarrabi is Zoroastrian then he would not have much love of Islam regardless which ever sect you adhere to.....

Down on the list are 2 events that happened 1 in the 1960's and the other in the 1990's....Is Kam Zarrabi trying to compare the inexperienced Ohio National Guard with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Basij militias ???

The other event that happened was a Lunatic who believed that he was some Prophet.... also he Believed that it was okay for him to impregnate 13 and 14 year old girls.... Well in Iran it is okay for 50 year old men to marry 9 year old girls so I guess Mr Kam Zarrabi would defend David Koresh...

I suppose if Mr Kam Zarrabi wants any credibility he might want to review who he is defending...

Ali Akbar