Two diplomats pick up a discourse put on hold for 30 years.
Newsweek / Christopher Dickey
28-May-2009 (4 comments)

Brzezinski and Yazdi spoke to Newsweek's Christopher Dickey via conference call earlier this month to address the current state of Iranian-American relations: In late October, 1979, U.S. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski met with Iran's Foreign Minister, Ebrahim Yazdi in Algiers to discuss how to improve relations between their countries. The Iranians wanted the U.S. to extradite Iran's monarch, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who had been overthrown by the Islamic Revolution in February and was in exile in New York while being treated for cancer. Under the Shah, Iran was a chief ally and oil supplier to the United States, but many Iranians regarded him as a corrupt dictator and pawn of the West. At that meeting, according to notes taken by Robert Gates, now the Secretary of Defense, Brzezinski offered to recognize the revolutionary Islamic government and restore normal relations if Iran would abandon its demands for the U.S. to extradite the Shah

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Yazdi the biggest Traitor of Iran.

by 1 Hamvatan (not verified) on

That Yazdi, is pure evil. The only real spy left from the Shah's times. Him and Banisadr and GHotbzadeh came out of no where (British sleeves probably) and helped that Evil Khomeini to get the Press coverage needed and eventually infested Iran.

Rot in Hell Yazdi,may your boy friend be Khomeini in hell.

Brzezinski was the organizer of the whole disaster.

Mort Gilani

Why does Yazdi talk like he is running the country?

by Mort Gilani on

Iran has the government that must apologize to the rest of the world for their involvement in the spread of Islamic savagery, export of terrorism, and for barking at civilized nations.  I did not understand why this jackass asked for American apology.


odd couple

by MRX1 on

Two guys who were involved directly in overthrowing the shah.They should just move in together...


Where was Trita?

by ??? (not verified) on

I thought he was Zbig's only protégé of Iranian origin.