Queen e-mails bloggers for the first time queen.elizabeth@royal.gov.uk
29-Apr-2009 (2 comments)

The Queen has taken the highly unusual step, for her, of sending a message via e-mail. It has gone to 23 young people from across the world, who've written blogs about their lives and their experiences of the Commonwealth - which is celebrating its 60th anniversary.The e-mail address used will pretty quickly disappear into the ether. Was it, one wonders, queen.elizabeth@royal.gov.uk

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DK why do you post a news

by Allaho Akbar (not verified) on

DK why do you post a news thingy several times? Haa? One time is enough! There is a delete button!


Darius, again a "queen" did something and...

by Ostaad on

your schoolboy crush on any "queen" made you lose control and caused you to click the hell out of the "Post comment" botton? I know how that feels homie, I get spastic sometimes too, for reasons I wouldn't wanna discuss here.