Baha'is Arrested in Shiraz
Iran Press Watch
22-Apr-2009 (3 comments)

On the morning of March 14, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence descended on Mrs. Salehi’s residence.  They confiscated all of books, computer, CDs, and a great deal of personal property, such as birth certificates, national ID cards, passports, and even the young child’s personal items.


Arrest of Baha'is on the rise

by alborz on

The arrest of Baha'is in numerous cities of Iran is on the rise and the government's plans for strangling this community is now in full swing.



Armed with the Power of Thy Name

by Believer (not verified) on

"Armed with the power of Thy Name nothing can ever hurt me and with Thy Love in my heart all the world's afflictions can in no wise alarm me."
- Baha'u'llah

The worldwide community of Baha'is will not be strangled! This community is global and growing faster than ever . . .bringing hope and unity to places that its enemies have never seen or heard of . . .

What does the government of Iran hope to accomplish?
To stem a tidal wave of love?


O my Lord and my Hope! Help

by Anonymous.doost (not verified) on

O my Lord and my Hope! Help Thou Thy loved ones to be steadfast in Thy mighty Covenant, to remain faithful to Thy manifest Cause, and to carry out the commandments Thou didst set down for them in Thy Book of Splendors; that they may become banners of guidance  72  and lamps of the Company above, wellsprings of Thine infinite wisdom, and stars that lead aright, as they shine down from the supernal sky.

Verily, Thou art the Invincible the Almighty, the All-Powerful.

- 'Abdu'l-Bahá