Iran Foreign Ministry mulls services to expatriates
IRNA via Payvand
15-Apr-2009 (6 comments)

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi called on Wednesday for easing bureaucracy to give services to Iranians living abroad in the economic and scientific fields. "Some of the Iranians residing in Western states are willing to do business with Iranian counterparts but they are discouraged by our bureaucratic system which prevent them from making the best use of their facilities and potentials to serve their motherland,"

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Is that why they arrested Roxana Saberi,to encourage2us go back?

by gol-dust on

Do as i say, not as what id do! So I wish I could go back along rest of my family who can never go back! If they were serious they would guarantee the freedom of speech and activity so my brothers and sisters could go teach in Iranian universities intead of the Euroeans!

Instead they are waiting for them to go back and put in jail after 27 years! This is a shame those who are in love with their countries and want to help, cannot go back because of this regime! Shame!



by Arde (not verified) on

Delldar Jon, please note that IRAN doesn't belong to IRI - it belongs to us!!


we all go back

by delldaar on

Insha allah, after these criminal mullas get lost, till then you IRI supporter doing very good job!!.


The Islamic Republic is here to stay??

by 1 hamvatan (not verified) on

We know what Iran has become: A nightmare. Thanks but no thanks.
We won't get fooled by your propaganda.I hope they are paying you good. By the way, if Iran was so good, then why tell us why millions of them are trying leave that place?



by dariush (not verified) on

Some of these expats should look beyond all of the propaganda and start really serving their country. The Islamic Republic is not nearly as bad as some people would have you believe. And believe me, it is not going any where anytime soon. Don't be like the Russian expats sitting in Paris in the 1930s waiting for the Czars to come back. It's not gonna happen. The Islamic Republic is here to stay, at least for all of our lifetimes.

Better to overcome your preconceptions, maybe take a trip to Iran! See what it has become. You won't regret it.

David ET

Why ?

by David ET on

Have they built new cells in Evin ?

Why not first free the ones they have arrested so far?!