Israel ready to give up settlements to avoid nuclear bombs
22-Feb-2009 (6 comments)

Israel is paranoid about Iran's nuclear energy, but Obama has enough tasks in his plate (financial meltdown) to listen to Netanyahu for the next 8 years. Oh yes, Obama will get the second term to fix the world economy...


Israel: Giving up land for N bomb...

by kishbeach on

Iran will export electricity to the Gulf neighbors by the time Obama leaves office.


Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

alla boy. you got it right.

(are you against all the mazloomha of the world?)


I think Moses already gave

by Anti_Mazloom (not verified) on

I think Moses already gave you one in 1300 BC:


Mehdi Mazloom

Arabian Gulf, Persian Gulf.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Ladies and Gentlemen. Why fight over this issue.

Lets call it "Yehudian Gulf", and be done with it.


Gulf is Persian Gulf

by kishbeach on

Ostaad, Gulf is always Persian Gulf when referring to Irans' neighbors.

Now, our Iranian Googlers at Google couldn't do much to convince Eric Schmidt to remove the name Arabian Gulf from the Persian Gulf map. If you install Google Earth 5.0, and take a look at the Persian Gulf region, you see both Arabian Gulf and Persian Gulf names. This is because Google opened an office in Dubai and was forced to put Arabian Gulf name too. I think money talks :-(




kishbeach, what happened to "Persian Gulf"?!!!

by Ostaad on

Please check the maps, unless you're looking at the maps printed in Saudi Arabia, you won't find the "Gulf".