The last days of Iran under the Shah
Financial Times / David Patrikarakos
08-Feb-2009 (one comment)

As late as 1978, US security officials were lauding the stability of Iran, their Gulf ally. The oil-rich state had a highly sophisticated army and ruthlessly effective secret police. It was also bulging with US-supplied arms. And yet a year later, it imploded in the face of mass civil disobedience and public demonstrations. How – and why?

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Did anyone really say that?

by Ostaad on

"Democracy and Patriotism are Illusions", I would love to hear from someone who actually heard this in Farsi. I don't think any Iranian was rejecting patriotism - at least I'm not aware of any. There's also an internationalist dimension to the Iranian Rev. and I wouldn't be surprised if people were referring to "nationalism" not patriotism.