Honor Killings Are Against Islam -- Widespread and brutal crime is a gender issue
OhmyNews International / Smita Poudel (smita)
23-Jan-2009 (one comment)

Honor killings are perhaps the most severe of all suppressive acts against women. The term honor killing refers to the murder of a woman because she has committed adultery, been involved in a love affair, married against the approval of her family or has committed, or is suspected to have committed, some other sexual offense.

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Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

this is a very enlightening article, thanks.

it presents a sophisticated approach to dealing with this crime against humanity. it is time for some men to stop seeing their honour tied to the death of women. i have come across a few such cases, and unfortunately men usually get away with it, especially in the middle east and south asia.