The Stoning of Soraya M. Now a Major Motion Picture
payvand / Darius KADIVAR
30-Sep-2008 (8 comments)

Filmmaker Cyrus Nowrasteh Brings Fereidoune Sahabjam's Best Selling Novel To The Screen

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Darius Kadivar

nojan Care for a Trip to the Moon ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Nojan Your next on my list of Hezbollahi's who will be extradicted to the Moon ...

Be careful not to read these two interviews cause it may teach you one or two things you don't want to know about my country Iran .

Oh by the way would you accept Charters and 2nd Class ? I think 2nd Class citizenship is quite suitable for your kind. You know the typical homophobe, racist, bahai hater, anti Hebrew semite and pro Arab semit scum who thinks he is Iranian but supports the regime of toilet heads in Tehran. Oh By the way just in case you want a treat we will make sure you are accompanied in your journey to oblivion with Good Ol' Frank :

Gee I will miss you Toilet Heads ...

Listening to you speak of patriotism reminds me of the three Stooges :





hell no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by nojan the great (not verified) on

The is quit intresting that most bahhaiies today live in Israel which is an apartheid regime (jimmy carter). The country belongs to only one religion (Jews).
So you come out with this stupid article about human right violations in Iran
The stoning is legal by Iranian law for last 400 500 years. And all this nonsense about mullah regime that you saying is funny.
Iran’s government has more that 2 million employee and only 10000 mullahs in personnel the rest are you and me who happen to have different opinions on this matter with you
So plz go and live in promise land you are more Zionist than Persian at this time.
Come back when and if you were loyal to Persia.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Fake Shirazi,

You are the one who is calling people names without even knowing them. Me in particular calling me an advocate of bombing my home country so Scram Hezbollahi. Second Sahebjam is dead for your information so before giving lessons to others learn your facts. Third, I did not make the movie and am simply reporting its release.

Lastly Yes I would use EXACTLY ALL THE METHODS I LEARNED FROM YOUR KINDS IF I HAD TO AGAINST THE IRI. Fortunately I don't need to do so because all I have to do is refer to nearly ALL respected Human Rights organizations from Amnesty International to Human Rights Watch or Journalists Without Frontiers to get the reliable information I need to accuse the IRI of violating the basic human rights in my country and in my hometown shiraz where the Baha'i community have always faced discrimination. I don't need to wear the Star of DAVID or believe in the Bahai's prophet to consider myself as JEWISH AND BAHA'I just as the King of Denmark did during WWII to show his support for the repressed jewish community in his country and express his dissaproval of the Nazi anti Jewish discrimination laws. ALL TRUE IRANIAN patriots today are JEWISH, BAHA'I, GAY, COMMUNIST, REPUBLICAN, CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHIST AND LASTLY IRANIAN under one BANNER: THE IRI SHOULD RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS PERIODE !

As for those in Iran they cannot defend themselves and you know perfectly the difficulties faced by Shirine Ebadi, Simin Behbahani and many other activists often beaten for their activities in support for Women Rights and Human Rights. As far as what is going on in other countries, that is less of a concern to me as an Iranian which does not stop me to denounce them when I hear about them. What does that have to do with my concern regarding my countrymen and country women ?









by shirazi3 (not verified) on

Can someone tell me how many people have been stoned in Iran this year? Does it even come close to the number of men and women who are tortured and maimed and brutally murdered in the many countries all across the globe that are so lovingly supported by US, UK, and France? Is it even comparable to the number of people killed every single day in Iraq and Afghanistan by foreign forces? The battle for human rights in Iran is an important and noble cause, but it is one that has to be fought in Iran by the brave women and men of that country, not with some cheap Hollywood anti-Iran propaganda film.
Also, I just love how those who claim to be against the regime use similar methods in a civil discourse, calling people names and making false accusations (as we see on this very page). These individuals may be different from the regime in their ideology, but they're similar in their methodology.

Darius Kadivar

shirazi3 boro Geryeh Kon ... .0)

by Darius Kadivar on

You are A FAKE SHIRAZI and I will make sure you lose your passport one day LOL ...

Boro Hezbollahi I don't need your ANONYMOUS POST TO INTIMIDATE ME and listen to you  give me lessons on Patriotism:

Go cry with your masters ...

Your Time is Up On My BLOG !



Dear Shirazi friend Have you

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Dear Shirazi friend

Have you witnessed any of your female relatives stoned to death? Perhaps a sister? No? Then, there you have it! Easy for you to comment on issues you have no knowledge about!!! But, that is okay, we all love Iran and no Iranian wants it bombed ...



will make a good case!

by shirazi3 (not verified) on

This would make a fantastic addition to a box set containing "Not Without My Daughter" and "300". A beautiful trilogy. After watching this film, we can advocate bombing Iran without feeling bad about it. Nowrasteh and Sahabjam and Kadivar should congratulate themselves. Bravo!

The Prince

We need films like this

by The Prince on

I hope everyone goes and watches this.

I wonder what the hezbollahis on this site have to say about this? Oh wait, they shut up at these moments.