Eichmann kidnapper hints Israel may abduct Ahmadinejad
09-Sep-2008 (4 comments)

"absolutely. Those who spread poison and want to eradicate another people have to expect such consequences."

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I do like the cultural

by skatermom (not verified) on

I do like the cultural exchange that Mehdi is recommending. Job sharing would be a great thing for these two megalomaniacs. After the kidnapping however I would like to be the first to use our Guantanamo tactics and water board the SOB.


Partly a good idea

by Mehdi on

But instead of taking him to international court, which is useless, take him to Israel and build a hidden place for him where he can sit quietly and watch average Jews living their life in Israel. That way he may finally realize that the Jews are just as human, or just as fucked up as any other people. They have no clue, really, what life is either, despite all F-16I's and nuclear bombs or whatever. Could be a great revelation for him.

IRI's agents should also kidnap Olmert and do the same to him. It would go a log way in understanding that all races, religions, ethnicities are as confused and miserable as any other - even if some cockroaches are larger than others (they are nevertheless cockroaches).  



by zereshk polo (not verified) on

This is such baloney. All this talk about attacking Iran or doing this and that to Ahmadinejad (remember there was talk of assassinating him?) is provocation. Whoever is spreading this kind of crap is perhaps hoping that they will get the Iranian government or people so mad that they will start dissing Jews.

Hello folks... Iranians weren't born yesterday. As an extremely savvy diplomat and writer, Indian guy, wrote on Asia Times a while ago, Americans don't understand the wily cleverness of Persians: "It's a civilizational thing."



by Fishmonger (not verified) on

Can't wait to see the IR clown in court! That's a marvelous idea. These Israelis are geniuses!

By the way, isn't Ahmadinejad visiting New York soon?