McCain admits he doesn’t know the “nature of the threat” from Iran
Iran Coverage
11-Jul-2008 (3 comments)

John McCain responds to a question by ABC’s Charlie Gibson on whether Israel would be “justified” in carrying out an attack against Iran in light of its recent missile tests:

GIBSON: Would a strike by Israel be justified and what would you say to the Israelis?

MCCAIN: I can’t know whether a strike would be justified because I don’t know the progress or the significance or the nature of the threat. I know the threat is growing because of the continued development of nuclear weapons.

McCain’s awkward reply asserts that while he doesn’t know the “progress” or “nature” of the threat, he somehow knows that Iran is developing nuclear weapons — despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary from the IAEA and the latest US intelligence reports.

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K Nassery

Except...we really don't know, do we?

by K Nassery on

I read about Iran every single day and I don't know what their true intentions are.  Are they peaceful or warlike?  They threaten death and destruction to Ameica every Friday and often more days in the week.  Who do we believe?

If McCain or Obama determines that Iran's intentions are to create and use nuclear weapsons to bring about the destruction of the world and to establish the Shiite caliphate that Iranisn leaders have stated they wish for, then both Obama and McCain will act and try to save American lives and the lives of our allies. 

It's not a question of IQ.  It's an issue of intelligence coming out of Iran.  I just read an article by an Iranian who infiltrated the Revolutionary forces and provided information to the West for over 20 years.  His determination was Iran intends to move forward with nuclear weapons and use them.  The source was a British on line newspaper.  The man seemed to be telling the truth, but how would I or anyone else know for sure.

I think thet that possibility of Iran developing nukes will cause a reaction from Israel.  The remaining six million Jews will not walk into gas chambers again.  They will strike out and try to save their nation and people.  Ahmadinejad held the Holocaust Confernce and he had threatened Israel verbally and now miltarily with the claim of a missile that can read Israel with a nuclear war head.  I hope Israel doesn't strike because there will be many problems for the pepple of this planet, but if they do, I can understand why they took Ahmadinejad at his word. I don't want a Second Holocaust either.  How can McCain see the future any better than we can?




by Abarmard on

What's happening to the United States? Lack of intelligent people is so dramatic that we have to resort to this?

What's going on......


We may be replacing an IQ of 12, with one that is 6 !!!

by Malekeh_ on

The idiot that by crook became a president (that would be "W") is said to have a very low IQ. In fact, lowest among all past US presidents. I don't know what his IQ is but suppose it is 12. Now with JMAC, we are getting a president with even a lower IQ than W. What is happening to this great nation?