Ahmadinejad: Iran, Japan should be prepared for a world without U.S.
05-Jun-2008 (3 comments)

Rome, June 4, IRNA - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Tuesday that as two civilized and influential states, Iran and Japan should get prepared for a world without the US.

"The US domination is on the fall. Iran and Japan as two civilized and influential nations should get ready for a world minus the US," President Ahmadinejad told Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda on the sidelines of the UN food summit on Tuesday.

President Ahmadinejad also called for long-term cooperation between Iran and Japan.

"Enemies do not wish Iran and Japan to find their historical and true status. The time has come for both countries to draw up the horizon for their long-term cooperation," Ahmadinejad noted.

He said that based on historical evidence, Iran has always been the promoter of peace and stability in the region and the world.

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K Nassery

Iran needs help?

by K Nassery on

That's confusing. I thought that sanctions have no effect on Iran. I've read the articles here.  How can the US deny iran anything?  They have Russia and China as friends. 

 If we...the US were to say we hoped for a world without Iran, people here would be jumping up and down.  We've heard the Iranian leaders'  "Death to America" chants for over 30 years.  We have become immune to their words.

 Japan's version of this visit included the petition for Iran to listen to the UN and return to the international community.  Iran has chosen to separate through his actions.  Honestly, Iranian leaders don't mind the sanctions.  Just goggle Iran and read the news articles from Iran.  I'm sure not being invited to UN functions in Rome like Robert Mugabe didn't bother President Ahmadinejad either.  Being refused a visit with the Pope was no bigger either.  Did the Pope answer the letter from President Ahmadinejad with the rambling lecture?  I can't remember.  I'm sure the Vatican leaders read it...and failed to understand it.

 Well,  I didn't hear a single American speak of President  Ahmadinejad's prediction.  As Presidential candidate Obama stated, Iran is not a big threat.


Money talks..

by ToofanZeGreat on

Sanctions and rules walks..



by Abarmard on

What the Japan said is very confusing. Iran for a long time has been asking the foreign experts to help its oil reserves, a technology that the US has denied Iran, to increase oil production and efficiency. This is confusing since the Japanese spoke as if there are no sanctions!