Winter Soldier Hearing on Capitol Hill
Pacifica Radio (aired today by KPFA)
From March 14th to 16th 2008, Pacifica Radio provided coverage of the historic Winter Soldier 2008 gathering in Washington, DC. The three day live broadcast was co-hosted by Aaron Glantz and former Army medic and KPFA Morning Show host Aimee Allison.inter Soldier on Capitol Hill

KPFA broadcasts the Winter Soldier hearing on Capitol Hill, where Iraq war veterans will speak to members of Congress about the hard realities of the US occupation of Iraq. The special hearing to the Out of Iraq Caucus will be hosted by Aimee Allison and Aaron Glantz, part of the team that recently was nominated for a Project Censored award for KPFA's coverage of the Winter Soldier gathering in March.

This program is archived: Listen Now!

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