The Iraqis Will Have to Make a Decision
30-Apr-2008 (6 comments)

The government of Iran ... made a commitment to stem the flow of fighters and material from Iran into Iraq," Ham said, adding that U.S. military commanders in Baghdad "have stated that they're not seeing evidence that that is, in fact, the case. I think it now is a matter for the government of Iraq."

K Nassery

D Day

by K Nassery on

Promises, promises... Who can trust the word of an Iranian official?


K Nassery

Maliki claims to be for Iraqis.

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He states that he is not Iran's man or America's man.  I give credit to those who step up in such turnoil.  They get no respect from so many factions, but they just keep trying to move forward.  Maliki is a founding father of Iraq. 

It could be that Iran made the committment to the Iraqus in good faith, but they don't have control over all Iranian factions. 


TO: "Iran has a right"

by ABC (not verified) on

Are'nt you much dumber? basically your justifying the informal and constantly denied Islamic Republic's interferences in Iraq destabilizing the country and intensifying insurgency and the terrorism with the bloody cost of Iraqis and American soldiers...

You are actually approving what so called the preemptive war which is the motivation behind all the US military actions. Based on the same unacceptable justification you provided, expect to see manipulation of the same strategy by the US army in the shape of a military strike to our hijacked country as they(The US) wouldn't tolerate to have the IR kill their staffs as well as the Iraqi's in Iraq...

The US is about to conclude there is no political solution to have the IR stop killing Americans and the Iraqis but the military option and the idiot Mullas are actually irritating them to start a war with IRAN with their nonstop interferences both in Iraq and Afghanistan - A war that we know its absolute loser.

Based on the same reasoning which is absolutely nonsense, you are also justifying the so called Israeli preemptive strikes done to the Syrian nuclear facility as well as the same possible strike to ours in Natanz and Arak and in future because if they wouldnt do that, they might have to confront the IR in Israel with their possible nuke bombs... !

how do you like that?!

K Nassery

Yet, Iraqis are being killed in the explosions.

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The Iraqi government did warmly embrace Iran.  Malaki is moving to push Iranian influence from Basra and Sadr City.  Hakim has also had a change of heart when it comes to his love of the Iranian regime.  I know that it upsets you that anyone would think that Iran might not be successful in Iraq over the long term.  Obviously, Iran is waging war against the US just like they are using Hezbolla against Israel.  Iran wins and no Iranians die.  It's worked for a while.  I agree.


to invole itself in Iraq!

by Iran has a right (not verified) on

Are you dumb? If Iran doesnt confront US in Baghdad, pas farda it has to confront it in Tehran. Iran's neighberhood is on fire and it smells the smoke . . . wake up PEOPLE!

It's like expecting US not to get involved if Canada and Mexico both got invaded by China or Russia.

Moreover, the Iraqi government warmly embraces Iran, so its not like Iran is threatening them. It's confronting the BULLY that made Iraq a mess to begin with by allowing Saddam's rule to perpetuate, by the criminal genocidal sanctions it placed, and by the invasion of 2003.

K Nassery

There are dark forces at

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There are dark forces at work in Iran.