Photo essay: 13 Bedar in Karaj




Wonderful Pictures

by HoomanH (not verified) on

Thanks for sharing. Great stuff.


these photos were fabulous!

by sarshar45 on

these photos were fabulous! it looked like everyone was having a good time and the food was great. my mouth was watering, especially for the fresh bread.

i especially loved the black and white photos.

thank you so much for sharing them with us.


جون دلم

saba3 (not verified)

من قربون هر چی بچه ایرونیه برم. از کباب هم بهترند. فقط چرا وقتی بزرگ میشن انقدر خودشونو اجق وجق درست میکنند؟

فرح خانم شما هم که مارا با این عکسهای خوراکت باز کشتی...!