FARAMARZ: Bush gets a Pair of Prada for Christmas


Shoes thrown at Bush on Iraq trip: Video -- News

12/15/2008 - 09:40

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Al Maleki looks strangely calm

by Anonymous Irani (not verified) on

Al Maleki looks so calm, though he may have known that something was afoot ;-)

American Wife


by American Wife on

Can I deny the consumer culture?  No.  Do I deny that the US has tarnished her reputation almost beyond salvage?  No.  I'm not sure what billions you think victims are receiving here because I see a huge cast of hungry and homeless victims of the current Wall Street greed.  If you're referring to American military getting billions... then let me assure you of how wrong you are.  I'd have to say that military personnel are the FIRST ones screwed.  But Haliburton and those types... yes, their pockets are swollen with ill gotten profits.

We're not blind to whats going on in Iraq.  Now that the public is fully aware of the illegal aggression by Bush and company, we're slowly realizing what a colossal mistake it was.  But you can't just say "oops... sorry".  I'd like to think that NOW we're taking steps to do just what you say, get our assess out and help them rebuild their country. 

I voted for Obaman because I DO believe he can effect a change.  It's not going to please everyone but we have to start somewhere.  And I am extremely positive about the future.  It can't get much worse...:-)

Anyhoo... thanks for the comment.  Not an ugly word in it which always makes criticism a little more easy to swallow and to want to try and live up to our reputation.

peace out


Toofan ... you toofAned!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Well said, briefly said, eloquently said....


RE: American Wife

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

Well I dont believe the US is a country that I want to live in, and I dont. If we are talking about culture, civilization etc, there are other countries I would prefer, even Iran, rather than the US. Do I hate the American people? No, heck I even dated one american exchange student. Do I have a disdain for the consumer culture based on global dominance wrapped in the paper of freedom, peace and love, that causes the death and misery of "easterners" and the culture of ignoring this in the US, as Jalehoh refers to, yes I do.

Why does'nt the US mainstream press talk about accepting Iraqi refugees? Why arent they talking about serious compensations to the people of Iraq? Why arent they pushing for for an apology to the Iraqi people? Why arent they talking about putting the people responsible for the war crimes in the war on Iraq? Why do american victims get billions in compensation when their forces invade other countries, while Iraq and Iranian dead get a couple of thousands each? And so on. I believe that the average american has no clue, no idea over the destruction and havoc their country has put Iraq through. The entire world had to pay hommage for 3000 dead americans, the number of 9/11's in Iraq has been completly ignored. And now innocent people in Pakistan and Afghanistan are also going to die, and maybe even Iran, when is it going to stop? Is this not a boarderline racist foreign policy? Arent you saying that an "easterners" life is less valuable than an American as you gun around the world?

True you can disagree with your president, you can disagree with the president of Iran as well. In both countries, there is little you can do to change the basic policies both governments run. There are much more freedoms in the US, without a doubt, and this is a beauty of your country, BUT I dont see the vote for Obama as change, I see it as the same politics, that both hurt the American people, and abroad, recycled and presented in a new wrapping paper. And the fact that the largest "Liberal" party of the US voted this man in as a show of "change", is absoloutly scary.

Kaveh Nouraee

I read your last sentence

by Kaveh Nouraee on

and it's like, "welcome to my world". I know the feeling exactly.

Hell, you and I disagree on a load of things, but I still think you're one of the coolest because you don't denigrate someone you disagree with, unlike so many others.

What you are encountering is indicative of this Iranian "thing" that has kept the country in the dark ages for all this time. But if I say anything on the matter, I'm out of line in the minds of some, because I've lived here almost all my life.

I don't remember who it was in Israel who said this about the Palestinians: "They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

Same thing applies to Iranians.

Just crack open a Dr. Pepper, try not to spill it or spit it out on your desk, and on the drive home from work, if it's not out of your way, drive by Wholesome Choice and flip them off, and let it out. It will lower your blood pressure. I'm sure your husband will understand. He knows how exasperating Iranians can be.

American Wife

yes, and it's a bad day to do it

by American Wife on

with me.  I'm burning bridges and pissing off right and left.  And I'm sorry.  Offending my dearest friend on IC wasn't intended or personal.  But it's getting so narrow-minded here.  There is no room for objectivity anymore.  If you don't agree with me, you're my enemy... that's become the mentality.  And it's sad.  It's sad that people like Jaleh or Zion or Q or Fred or you or me or anyone else can't have a discussion without the ugliness and name calling.  I hate it.  I hate it.  So many smart and intelligent people who have strong values and ideals.  Just because I disagree with someone doesn't mean an all out attack is necessary.  Yet so many people turn it into a personal vendetta.  Can't there be one blog where the words "IRI, american warmonger, zionist fanatics, mullah lovers" aren't used?  This isn't fun anymore because no one really wants to resolve anything.  There is no meeting of the minds... no common goal.  You're either with me or against me.  That's how it really is.  Just another chance to bash someone who thinks differently than you do. 

I'm tired and I just want to go home and shut the door and the curtains and turn the TV off... try to ignore all the hate I see all around.  Even here... especially here.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I'm afraid you're going to find more and more instances where someone will say something yet when asked to back it up, they bail.

And especially from the ones who live here in comfort, freedom, safety, and (relative) prosperity, yet take every available opportunity to crap on the very plate from which they eat.


American Wife

oh come on!

by American Wife on

Just one time... quit with the childish retorts.  "I'm taking my toy and going home".  Say something!!!!  Why DON'T you answer any questions.  They're legitimate questions.  You hit and run.  Say something outrageous and when someone calls you on it, you leave your little clever one liners and bail.  What DO you consider a worthwhile argument?  Tell us... we'd love to know.  But if you're just going to keep up with the anti-American slogans... don't expect anything different.  I'm no Rush Limbaugh... come waste your time with me.  Tell me why you're so anti-Western.  Tell us why you live there.  It's just that I hate hyprocrites and you leave yourself open all the time... mean what you say and say what you mean.

Just please... no more word games.


Georgie Porgie...

by eroonman on

Georgie Porgie, Pudding and Pie

Dropped the bombs and made Iraq cry

When the reporter came out to boo,

Georgie ducked his flying shoe!

Georgie had no freaking clue

That bombs for peace is not what you do

Now that Georgie's on his way

Maybe Barack can save the day...

Or not.



To Jaleho: short of logic?

by flusher (not verified) on

But dear every no string attached fair-minded individual who stumbles upon any of your comments can see that everything you argue on this site is worthless, parroting exactly what crimianls in charge of Iran have been feeding people and the world for the last 30 years.

Pure antisemitic hizbullahi rubbish, which deservedly must be flushed down the toilet.


Thanks Toofan and callitasis

by Jaleho on

But, if we bother to answer any random barking dog in the street, or argue with any idiot clapping for Rush Limbaugh, then we'd have to waste a lot of valuable time on worthless arguments :-)


Khameneie be careful of all have shoes

by Hassnak (not verified) on

Khameneie be careful of all have shoes

History is entered in a new page of protest. Now Dictators like khamenei should fear of every body who port shoes

Anonymous Observer

Kaveh Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I agree with the guy.  I think Iranians should be held in contempt for all the trouble that they are causing in Iraq....Why is Iran (and the U.S. for that matter) interfering with Iraq's internal matters? 


To Callitasis et al.

by Hypocrit finder (not verified) on

I am sure if noone else, she would certainly have no problems "Educating" those who "want to be educated" through her and the likes of her, by accessing this site from Iran.

Obviously there is nothing she seems to admire about Western democratic values like respect for human rights, representative government, freedom and rule of law otherwise she would not blindly follow the tyranny in Iran & coming up with a thousand and one excuses such as Israel, Palestinian issues, etc. etc. to justify it.

She is completely out of place in America.

American Wife


by American Wife on

Why are you trying to associate any critics of this guy's actions with being "subdued" by "American arrogance"?  So... according to YOU, anyone who thinks this was rude is an American warmonger?  This IS an middle eastern cultural show of disrespect.  But according to you, if an Iranian indicates his displeasure with it, it's because he's American scum and

I don't like it when someone says "if you don't like the US, leave".  It kind of defeats the whole idea behind "Land of the Free" and "Give us your tired masses".  But I AM curious as to why you're here.  I know why Iranians left Iran... because it sucked.  So why don't you go to Canada or the UK, if in fact you don't have the balls to actually LIVE in Iran where you can stand with your hamvatans and fight that bad ass "American arrogance".  Sure, it's  your right to live here and criticize, but why do you torture yourself day in and day out living in such a terrible place?  You DO have other choices. 

Toofan.  No, that's not what he's saying.  It's one of the wonderful little perks of the US that you CAN live within her borders and disagree with the president's actions.  The majority of America is completely against this war in Iraq.  No one in their right mind thinks it was justified or has really served any purpose.  There is zero support for it.  His point, and mine, is the fact that Jaleho doesn't just "criticize" the US.  She has utter distain for it.  My husband doesn't always agree with American policy... nor do I... but he fully recognizes the opportunities the west has given him.  Jaleho does not. 

Callitasis.  Same thing to you.  Just WHO do you think "needs" her articulations?  Other Iranians who have come to the West and created a successful life, all safe and sound tucked into their beds at night? 

You know something... I have no problem with anyone... ANYONE... who disagrees with our government... who says "WE shouldn't have done this or that"... or "OUR president".  I have a BIG problem with people who live here and enjoy the benefits of a free democracy and still talks about the US as "they" as in "they are the enemy". 

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I read this on and

Apparently this person's relatives were interviewed in the aftermath of this, and this info came out.


To Hypocrit Finder

by Callitasis (not verified) on

If Jaleho was to go back to Iran, then who is going to articulate the facts as they see it, if for no reason other than educating thoese that have become the product of their "hill billy" enviornment?

Obviously only a very small minority can be considered "hopeless".


RE: Hypocrite finder

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

So by your mentality, by living in the United States, one has to accept the death and killings of a million Iraqis and the way the West washes its bloody hands with thin soap later, and any criticism of this policy would be seen as IRI supportive if your an Iranian-american, and would dissolve anything else that is positive with the West.

Well that makes sense..

I think people like you, and any one else degrading this mans actions would toss more than shoes at someone who would have been responsible for a 1000 kilogram cluster bomb landing on his friends and family and gutting them into bits of small burned smelly meat. Just picture it, or if you want, I can post them for you, thats the reality Iraqis live in while we watch Belly dances on and shave our hairy Iranian backs.

Every action has a reaction, this was the reaction. Bush can laugh nervously at his podium, but him and his family are always going to have to look behind their backs.



by Anonymous684 (not verified) on



Reporters Without Shoes

by Afghani (not verified) on

After the heroic act of the Reporter Mr. Zaid in Iraq, upon his arrival to Kabul Afghanistan, reporters were ordered to take their shoes off before they were allowed to enter the hallway for the press conference with "W"!.
One Afghani reporter shouted, "we don't throw shoes at our enemies", he was thrown off the conference room by the US soldiers. His whereabouts are not known.


Hendooneh, can you please tell me how many Iraqi have been..

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

killed, maimed, raped and looted by the Iranian "moral occupation". Muntadar al-Zaidi, the shoe thrower, may be anti-Iranian as many Irqis are and who cares, but comparing what the US is doing in Iraq with what Iran is doing there to prevent this a******s to be in the position to repeat what they did to Iran, is a tall order. The shoes you're talking about are lengeh-beh-lengeh. Not quite the same. I'm glad you mentioned "alleged".


To Jaleho

by Hypocrit finder (not verified) on

You seem to hate America and Western culture in general, and in every thread you spew hatred and digust for them! I wonder why on earth you still prefer to live in America? why don't you go back to Iran to live among those few shiite extremist brothers and sisters of yours, with whom you feel such a strong connection?? Why are you still in the West?


don't be too hasty!!

by hendooneh on

"He hates the American physical occupation as much as he hates the
Iranian moral occupation," Dhirgham said, alluding to the influence of
pro-Iranian Shiite clerics in political and social life. "As for Iran,
he considers the regime to be the other side of the American coin."

That's a view widely held among Iraqis — including many Shiites
— who believe the Americans and the Iranians have been fighting a proxy
war in their country through Tehran's alleged links to Shiite


I guess the shoe is on the other foot...LOL


Funny "westernized" Iranians!

by Jaleho on

are so habitually subdued by the "American Arrogance" that they almost feel "ashamed" for the "uncivil" easterner who according to his own "backward traditions" showeed disrespect for a genocidal maniac!!


You can expect from that NYorki idiot to be used to his arrogance and sense of entitlement to call this fellow "rude." But, the easterner who is subject to similar kind of ugly arrogance, threats of annihilation from war-mongering American bully, and finds throwing shoes "rude" and dropping thousands pounds of "bombs" "civil," is just too disgusting.


Self-inflicted "orientalism" and kissing western ass has gone so permanently under the skin of some easterners that it has become a disease!!


PS. What was wrong with my earlier message in here? I don't recall saying anything non-kosher in my post, why was it deleted? Just curious for the sake of rules, I didn't have anything important in it either.


Bitter Memory

by doost (not verified) on

این واقعه که هر کسی آن را به نحوی تجزیه تحلیل میکند؛ برای من ،بی ربط یا باربط،یادآور خاطره تلخ ماجرای قتل یک جوان بی گناه در یک کفاشی تهران توسط راننده/ محافظ همسر ثابتی ،به اصطلاح مقام امنیتی ساواک شاه ،درپی یک سوءتفاهم و مشاجره لفظی،است. گرفتاری امروز ما در چنگال ددمنش مذهبیون ،پی آمد نابخردانه آن مظالم است.


One thing is for sure, no

by Memorable! (not verified) on

One thing is for sure, no matter what, Bush's sneaky trips to Iraq will be remembered by this one incident only. This guy showed a lot of guts and courage and will surely be a hero to many Iraqis.
I think he expressed, in the form of flying shoes, the sentiment of many Iraqis towards Bush and all the suffering, destruction, misery and death he has caused them.
I am sure, or at least I hope, the Americans, just to show how democratically minded they are, will insist/demand from the Iraqi authorities to let this guy go and spare him the normal treatment such as ones afforded to the inmates of Abu Gharaib in true American style.

Darius Kadivar

Johnny Cash (hurt) the iraq WAR

by Darius Kadivar on

A dirty War ... And An Empire of Dirt !



If the shoe doesn’t fit,

by Anonymous Shoe Maker (not verified) on

throw it at the President.


To our comrades in shoes in Iran:

by Karim Marx (not verified) on

What are you waiting for? Follow your comrade reports in Iraq and throw some shoes at Khamenei! The history of all existing societies is the history of shoe struggles.


Reporters of the world unite!

by Karim Marx (not verified) on

You have nothing to lose but your shoes!