FARAMARZ: Ahmadinejad Offers Alternative Seating


Sarkozy: "I will not sit at the same table with Ahmadinejad."
Ahmadinejad: "No problem. Tell him he's welcome to sit on the floor."

BBC -- Iran has summoned the French ambassador in Tehran over comments made by the French president about his Iranian counterpart, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Nicolas Sarkozy said earlier this week that he would not be able to shake hands with someone who said Israel had to be wiped off the map. Ambassador Bernard Poletti was told of Iran's strong objections. He was told there would be repercussions for relations if such remarks were repeated>>>

12/11/2008 - 21:15

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by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

Very well said too, Aafarin bar shoma... Thank you.

I.R. and their agents are all over the place, even on this site trying to justify and furthermore create a support and sympathy for their criminal thoughts and actions... But they don't know!!!

True Iranians will flush you down the toilet in history like .... (you know what...) I.R, Your dark and evil days are numbered! IRAN SHALL OVERCOME YET ANOTHER DARK CHAPTER (I.R.) IN HER HISTORY AND SET HER CHILDREN FREE, ONCE AGAIN... BE OMIDE KHODAA...

Zendeh baad IRAN va IRANI


Have a Nice weekend Abarmard

by Anonymous1974b (not verified) on

But you missed my point. I was not using "Semitism as a political tool". You were by using this website you used. Go look at the main page of the website. Where you get your evidence from will diminish your argument sometimes. You are making an argument re Sarkozy that fails because of your source. I hope you understand.

Also you stated:

"as an Iranian I see more anti Iran and Anti Islam from Jewish American political members and followers than any other groups! And they are OK because they are not labeled anti Semitic? Something is wrong here."

my reply:

As an Iranian I see more Anti USA, Anti Israel, Anti Jewish, Anti Sunni Islam, Anti Bahai, Anti Christian from members of Muslim Iranian IRI supporters and IRI political members, NIAC members and supporters and followers than any other groups! And they are OK because they are not labeled Anti Semitic? Something is wrong here.



by Abarmard on

Since it's Friday and open mic, I would reply by saying this Anti Semitic label crab is getting too old and useless. If you over use a word for any reason it loses its meaning. We got anti Muslims, anti Christian, anti countries and anti whatever,

as an Iranian I see more anti Iran and Anti Islam from Jewish American political members and their followers than any other groups! And they are OK because they are not labeled anti Semitic? Something is wrong here.

No one is more special than another but all kind of racism is wrong. Yet to use anti-Semitism as a political tool in every scenario is nothing but stupid. My point is that he has an agenda saying what he says, he does not have the best interest of France in mind but Israel; Similar to Joker himself Senator Lieberman. I find these guys dangerous and they all have one thing in common: Israel; and naturally based on their political agenda, they think to kill the threat before it becomes a threat, a warmonger/pointless and aggressive mentality that is just too dangerous these days-- is the way to go.

These guys would take a country in to a warbased on  suspicious thinking. And frankly they are all very suspicious of everyone. If you think Iran is their problem, wait and see once they attack Iran (if) and who becomes the next target after Iran and Iraq are out of the picture! There is no end. Similar to the Islamic Republic, they are there because the enemy exists, otherwise they become obsolete. He is from that school of thought, that I know.

Now let's celebrate the weekend


The Substitute

by Danesh, Abol Hassan (not verified) on

Sarkozy shouldn't have any nightmare about sitting around the same table with Tanbali nejjad... I instead as substitute sit for him fro dinner at night hope he would not give up his pretty clothing to replace them with the beggers one with patches all over without shower with ages ...

Get my long 12 door cadilac ready for me along with my gloden robes...

Hope sarkozy would not get frightened and intimidated by my glittering horror....



by Anonymous1974b (not verified) on

Nice to see you rely on antisemitic sites for your information. Truly shows were your type comes from.


Shadoone, Truth hurts, Doesn't it?

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

I am glad that my comment brought such reaction by so many of you...

First of all, Thank you for reminding me about terrible French government and its policies toward Iran in the past 30 years. I agree with you 100%. I don't think any sane Iranian can really forget and forgive President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and his allies for allowing Khomeini and his thugs to seek refuge in France and giving Islamo/fascism a new meaning and platform to inflict crimes against Iran and Iranians...

In addition, Like any concerned Iranian, I also denounce President François Mitterrand position during Iran- Iraq war in the 80s that made so many Iranians to suffer to such degree... Furthermore, I do not support Mr. Chirac's attitude towards Iran during his presidency either. However, I agree on President Sarkozy's recent comment on BBC about Iranians being a civilized nation and Why we have chosen people (Idiots) like Ahmadinejad and his likes to represent and rule us for so long!!! Come on people, THAT'S A FACT! WE MUST NOT RUN AWAY FROM THE TRUTH ANYMORE! WE Fu$%ED UP!! WE HAVE DONE THAT IN THE PAST 30 YEARS AND LOOK WHERE WE ARE AT NOW! UNBELIEVABLE SHAME TO OUR OWN CULTURE, HISTORY AND CIVILIZATION!!! WE HAVE ACTED LIKE BUNCH OF GUTLESS HYPOCRITES WHO DIRECTLY AND INDIRECTLY GAVE AND STILL GIVE LIFE TO ISLAMO/FASCISM AND I.R. REGIME IN OUR MOTHERLAND!!!

I was also referring to Iran's historical ties (PRE-ISLAMIC REVOLUTION) with France and Mutual respect between Iranian and French people that despite so much negativity (POST REVOLUTION) in this world that has been surrounding Iran and Iranians still exist... As an Iranian I have always been respected in France by French people. If some of you here weren't, it must had to do with your personal attitude rather than your Persian/Iranian heritage, Trust me...

So if few uncivilized people here such as "Shadoone" bash and insult me, go ahead make my day, It's easy to do so behind your computer, any coward can do so... It wouldn't surprise me if people like that work for .I.R. regime!!!


PS. PersiangirlinParis and especially Daruis Kadivar , I agree with you, Thank you...



Sarkozy good

by Abarmard on

Don't like IR? why like Israel? Because


I don't care for his thoughts since it's not based on logic rather than pure Israeli politics. It's really easy to go on about this for pages. Most of you however have made up your mind. I just wished I felt more like writing. It's Friday ;)



Does Antari have the right to say what he did?

by To Shadooneh et al. (not verified) on

U said "the French, whom you glibly consider not to be "hypocrites", were suppling Saddam with whatever weapons he wanted to kill us."

Well Israel supplied mullahs with weapons during Iran-Iraq war, YET you and your ilk have wished for her destruction constatnly for the last 30 years and are now defending/supporting the words of an absolute moron who's obviously quite detached from the realities of the modern world and the 21st century all his life.

Are you brainwashed ideologues all saying that mullahs and that lunatice so called president of yours should be able to repeatedly and openly ask for the destruction/annhilation of a sovereign state and get away with it? How would you react and feel if some head of state OPENLY and constantly wished death and destruction to Iran and wanted to see it wiped off the face of the map?!!!

PS. For crying outloud, don't bring up "the poor" Palestinain issue! Palestinians and their dead leader all supported Saddam to his last dying breath.


How can one forget?

by Unforgettable (not verified) on

I prefer "tight-ass conservative" Sarkozy to the "liberal" likes of Chirac and Mitterand who went out of their ways to accommodate the criminal Iranian government in providing easy worry-free escape to their hit-men who had been dispatched to Paris and French suburbs in the 80s and 90s to assassinate Iranian dissidents, all in exchange for a few lucrative contracts with mullahs. This is of course irrelevant to the admiring commentators of the Islamic Republic on this site.


Iran was first

by Jaleho on

to give her condolences and surprize in French people electing a foreign Zionist ASS like Sarkozy.


Maybe this is Sarkozy's late reply, and self disrespecting Iranians need not take the words of an idiot like Sarkozy too seriouslly just because he wears a tie.

Darius Kadivar

I voted Royal but Support Sarkozy's Foreign Policy on this ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I personally think Sarkozy has been actually very constructive in his foreign policy approach in the Middle East and in regard to Iran. He contributed to moderating the American Bush administration in regard to Iran and actually critisized his foreign minister Kouchner when he made similar comments as Clinton in regard to WAR/Obliteration Risks with Iran.

Funny that those Pro IRI's don't seem to have noticed Sarkozy's Conciliatory approach with Syria's President Assad ( son of the former Terrorist endorsing President Hafez El Assad) by inviting him to the Ceremonies of the 14Th of July and giving him full media coverage and very warm greeting. A rather generous French reception to a strong Ally of Iran in the region if you ask me given what we know of Syria and its more than controversial history in Terrorism and in regard to its anti Israel Stance.

Sarkozy also played a positive role in the Georgian Conflict by temporizing the Russians and playing an intermediary role.

Now Abarmard Jan considers Sarkozy's France as Not being Liberal because he treats Ahmadinejad for the Scum he really is but Mitterand's France I suppose was Good and Open minded when in Fact the Socialist government made a fortune by selling Arms and all sorts of sophisticated weapons to BOTH IRAN And IRAQ during the 8 year War that cost One Million Dead.


Not to say Mitterand's Government indirect responsability in Shahpour Bakhtiars Assassination. They even let go one of the Assassins arrested in a bargain with the IRI.

Mitterand Loved Double Talk and Behavior. At Least Sarkozy does what he says even if not always right he tries at best to be transparent.

Do You want to Know Why Mitterand and France did not agree with America's First Gulf War when George Bush Sr. Tried to stop Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwiat ? Because of all the Arab Lobbies involved and the fact that Saddam was a Good Client of France in terms of Armamements.

Had Mitterand not made all the BS regarding American Intervention ( since American Planes could not land in France during the First Gulf Intervention War) Americans would have overthrown Sadam much earlier and most probably with much more justification that today and probably we would not even had Sept 11Th since America would have tried by then to solve much of the problems in the Middle East and imposed its model of Democracy and Human Rights in a more subtle way that it did under George W. Bush Jr.

I remember the hypocrisy of Mitterand and Many Socialists at the time and their fear of seeing not only their Arab allies turn their backs on their Arms sales but also feared that the muslim community in France would create problems in France.

Sarkozy contrary to what many people think of him has on the contrary achieved a great deal in terms of respect for the Muslim Community in France ( Rachida Dati who was named Minister of Justice is Morrocan Rama Yade is a Black in charge of Human Rights and both have been given the chance to prove their competence and a fair oppurtunity to serve as Role models beyond their own community. Even if in recent months they have been troubled by a lack of popularity in their policy approach.

Sarkozy defeated the National Front of Jean Marie Le Pen the Far Right racist politician who now is indepted and bankrupt for spending tons on his bid for Presidency which he and his party lost in the run.

I did not vote for Sarkozy because I did not agree with his economic policy and some of his comments used out of context that triggered the Riots in France two years ago. But he has proved largely that he is far from the intolerant and Shark Teeth image of a President and politician he has been associated with. He has even been drawing Left Wing politicians in his government who appreciate his more realistic approach to economic problems and trying to find solutions than simply empty promises. He was VERY CRITICAL of BUSH and his economic Policy in NY during an Official dinner amongst heads of Banks and Statesmen where he challenged the "Blind Capitalism" and irresponsible "Golden Parachutes" given to company managers who have ruined the economy with their greedy and irresponsible attitudes. This was before even the World Economic Crisis triggered by Wall Street.

If That is not Liberal or Left Wing dialogue as some of you like to name it, I wonder what is ?

Left Wing  and Third World Rhetoric amongst Iranians has become a bad habit and a pretext for political correctness as a substitute to their own mediocrity and lack of ideas.

Its Easy to be Anti Shah, Anti Rich, Anti American in the Lines of Soraya Ulrich and Hamid Dabashi and speak as if you just had the interests of poor Iranians on your mind and in your hearts. Love is indeed Blind but Reality is often too cruel to your own lack of objectivity so you prefer to deny it.

That said I found the caricature Very Funny. ;0)








by PersiangirlinParis (not verified) on

Je voulais remercier "Concerned Iranian",
mais je ne suis pas d'accord avec lui, quand il dit que les Français ne sont pas hypocrites, et heureusement qu'il a précisé entre parenthèse "en général" ...
Est-ce qu'il faut rappeler l'histoire de la Guerre Iran-Iraq ou la Révolution .. et la position de la France ? ...

Ba sepas az Concerned Iranian,
vali man ba ishun ham-andish nistam, vaghty migand keh faransiva-ha hypocrite nistand, va nik-bakhtaneh ishun beine parentez goftand 'in general of course' ...
aya bayad yad-avar shod dastane jang e iran va aragh va ya enghelab .... va naghshe Frnace ro ? ...


Sarkosy To ahmadinejad

by KouroshS (not verified) on

ALright, Let us look atthis matter from another angle. Time for a break everyone...

Sarkosy to ahmadinejad
mashkookam.. mashkookam be to
nemidonnam ba ki hasti to...


French are always out of step

by shirazie (not verified) on

French are trying to become closer to USA, but no one told them GW is no long in charge.

They are trying to cover for their WWII crimes of handing over their jews to The SS and nazi's...

Nice try, once a Nazi always a Nazi.

Sarkosy is Jewish so Mullahs would not shake hands with him anyway


Shadooneh : thank you

by Souri on

Very well said. I'm very grateful to you for your great sense of logic. Please have a look at the "anti-US rally" on the home page, too.




by Abarmard on

What up with France these days. They used to be liberal and now they are conservative tight ass.


"concerned Iranian", lack of self esteem is your problem.

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

please leave the rest of us, who don't get bent out of shape becuase a jerk like Sarkozy comes up with a couple of smartass remarks about Iran and the Iranians, about whose culture and well being he does not give a shit. If you consider your status as a human being "low" becuase a French idiot has convinced you about it, then you, my friend, have huge inferiority complex that has nothing to to with the Iranian government. When you get over your schoolboy crush on Sarkozy, think about the times the French, whom you glibly consider not to be "hypocrites", were suppling Saddam with whatever weapons he wanted to kill us. I'd do something about that condition if I were you.


Sarkozy is RIGHT...

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

I get the joke and YES it is funny, although in reality it should make us cry as a nation to be mocked by everyone including ourselves to this level... How much lower must we go?

I also wanted to comment on some really important issue related to this joke! A recent speech by Mr Sarkozy !(On BBC) He said:

"How is it that a people such as the Iranian people - one of the world's greatest peoples, one of the world's oldest civilisations, sophisticated, cultured, open - have the misfortune of being represented as they are today by some of their leaders?

Why is it that we as Iranian people still can't ask ourselves that very simple question??? Do we really think that we are so stupid that we need a reminder from a world leader to wake us up? A man who sees it and says it as the way it really is....

PS. That's what I have always loved about the French, Unlike us and other nations (such as Americans), they are no hypocrites (in general of course) and that's why they are hated! (Or perhaps actually envyed)

The French are one of the most misunderstood people and civilizations in the world!

Base on my own personal experience and also our IRAN's cross cultural experiences with France and French people , I have always seen and felt mutual respect and admiration.

French are one of the few civilizations that historically have always respected us genuinely...

Vive La France


Antarinejad to Sarkozi

by Nima (not verified) on

"Yeki do ta digeh qarardad e nafti haleto ja miyareh? ;)"


Ahmadinejad to Sare-Hozi

by Mehdi on

"Nakh midi ha ;)"