FARAMARZ: Ahmadinejad congratulates Obama


Los Angeles Times: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad posted a congratulatory message to President-elect Barack Obama on his official website... Ahmadinejad begins his note with the kind of flowery, somewhat overblown language typical in the Middle East: I congratulate you on your success in mustering the majority of votes cast in the presidential elections. You know pretty well that the opportunities God grants to people he has created are short-lived, and they could either serve perfection of mankind and interests of nations or, God forbid, disserve nations. I hope that His Excellency will favor the genuine interests of people and justice over the never-ending demands of a selfish and fallible minority, so that you can seize on this chance in the best manner and leave behind a good legacy >>>

11/08/2008 - 09:54

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It was actually funny!

by ghalam-doon on

But the fact of the matter is that Obama is not the president yet! So he cannot come up with the government policies. He cannot oppose the sitting president's policy toward Iran or any other nation.He mentioned that fact several times in his press briefing.

But he mentioned president Ahmadinejad and not just Ahmadinejad like McCain and others in the current administration.

He talked about the Iranian nuclear issue. But he did not talk about any kind of freeze. He just said the issue must be resolved.

He also said that he will reply to Ahmadinejad's letter. 

It was a 1st for I.R. too. For the 1st time an Iranian president sent a congratulatory note to an Amercian president-elect. 



What do we have for dinner?

by Professor Danesh, Ph.D. (not verified) on

Do you see any breakfast for tomorrow on your reading of tea leaf in the tea cup?

Lunch? Now you are pushing you luck way too far...



 از اينكه


 از اينكه توانستيد آراء اكثريت شركت‌كنندگان در انتخابات را به خود جلب كنيد تبريك مي‌گويم.

 اونم بدون دخالت ولی فقیه
جل الخالق



Ahmadinejad thought because Obama is black

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

Ahmadinejad thought because Obama is black and his middle name is Hussein he is going to be pro Muslim,so he send him a congratulation letter,but the first thing that Obama did was to appoint an Israeli born Jew for his white house chief of staff.Sorry Mahmoud that 0Obama spoiled your party.


Mr. President: Roo Shoma Sefeed Shood

by mehran73 (not verified) on

Before the election, he said satan-h-bozorg will never elect a black president. Not only they did that, they elected one with Hossein as his middle name. And the the one who professes to be the representative of God on earth is killing people and destroying their cemeteries becasue of their religion. Roo Shoma safeed basheh Agha. The end may be near. Ya Hossein-h-gharib.


Very Funny!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

Hey, even presidents have priorities!

Fantastic, Framarz. Thank you!


The Iran-US tone has changed since Obama has been elected

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

The tone of talk has changed since Obama has been elected. We shall see positive change. There will be direct talks. In a couple of months Obama will be in Tehran drinking a cup of tea with Ayat'Allah Seyed Ali Khamenei. And why not? Gasoline prices should be $1 a gallon.


This "selfish and fallible" is looking at you kid.

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

Does Ahmadinejad know that it was one of those "selfish and fallible minority" members who actually received, opened and put his letter in Obama's inbox? Based on what I've read about Rahm, he probably spit on it before showing it to Obama.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Very very funny. One of your very best. Thank you!