Azadeh Azad: Alienation

07/11/2008 - 11:45


I think

by Mazloom on

If this was one of Omid Hast's drawings by now he would have provided some explanation for what’s going on here, but with Azadeh I guess I should continue guessing.

I don’t agree that “...Azadeh has left a door handy on top of her (the alien) head...”. This is a Photo Shop picture consisting to two photos stitched together; the first one a woman walking in the desert, the other one the photo of a female looking alien. Azadeh did not photograph these pictures, or manipulated each of these pictures individually, i.e. she did not put a door on top of alien’s head. But, she did put the pictures together in this setting, and the setting is of a strange looking creature and another strange looking creature. So, the question is where does the feeling of “Alienation” comes from? Now, maybe Azadeh has chosen this name for this photo painting herself, or maybe it is chosen by the Editor, but never the less someone sees ‘alienation’ in this setting, and that’s what I want to know. What alienation?

Now, if the alien is saying W T F, that does not explain to me what this feeling of alienation is? Maybe the alien is perplexed, but alienation?

Also, the two creatures are not looking in each others direction. So whatever expression the observer has in her face is accidental, since it was copy and pasted from some other setting and does not relate to the woman on the right.

And I don’t buy that argument that “...wearing hejab is as alien as the alien...”. Wearing hejab is very natural for millions of women in Iran and around the world. It is a garment just like any other garment, meaning it is to the taste of the person who wears it. I concede to you that women have been historically forced to wear hejab, but still if you lift all discriminatory laws against women in Iran, some of them still prefer to wear chador, as many women around the world prefer to wear coverall type of attire.

I think the “Alienation” is within the alien; she has travel the universe but has never seen a beautiful sunset in a desert, so she feels alienated.

Azadeh, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, otherwise you don't have to say anything.  


I got it ...

by Hajminator on


A young martian came down to earth, by chance it was in iran. Lets say he's a boy. He saw a chadori walking on the water, he lost his color, became transparent and said in his mind "Ay vol to digueh qui hasti?"


The title of this artwork

by ThePope on

says it all... I think it explain's pretty much the illustration by itself.


bedaan khoobi dar in chaador karihi

beh har chizi bejoz ensaan shabihi


No friends

by Abarmard on

The picture is to say that wearing Hejab is as alien as the alien you see in the picture, for women. Or the question of modernity and hejab...


Simply beautiful

by Sera (not verified) on

I can connect to it at many levels. the expression in the eyes of the observer, whether it was meant or accidental, is so powerful. Well done Azadeh, you have what it takes to be a great artist. keep drawing.


This is what "I" get out of it...

by Majid on

The alien on the left...

- W    T     F   ?



by Mazloom on

This is what I get out of it; the one on the left is an alien female from a planet far, far away. Her spaceship has just landed in kavir’e Qom. The woman on the right is from Qom and is going to Jamkaran. The alien woman reads her mind telepathically without even looking at her. She finds out what they do in Jamkaran, and feels so much alienation because they don‘t have such a beautiful sunset in her planet.



by Abol Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on amazing prize winning drawing...bravo! bravo!

Of course there is room for hope as smart azadeh has left a door handy on the top of her head so through this gate the demon can be extracted for a quick ejection en route exorcism...





by Abarmard on



Azadeh khanoom

by Hajminator on


The woman in chador is jesus talking on the water?


Don't get it

by Abarmard on

But looks cool---

Actually I get it now. Very nice :)


Who do I have to terminate

by Terminator (not verified) on

Who do I have to terminate here? I am confused.