FARAMARZ: Bush discovers Ahmadinejad's potential

12/04/2007 - 06:48

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Girth Competition

by ------------------------------------------ (not verified) on

Whom do you think among all these competitors will win the GIRTH competition so then he can be subcontracted for the highest standard of "-VIGOR-"

Don't worry there wil be a separate competition over the length and then when all the figures came in we will avergae them all out for the best fit Girth-Lenght super hero...

Shaved beard and clean attire and perfume is a must per-requisite for the girth-length competitors to be qualified to enter into the competition-----------------------------------



Believe me you are not funny

by Gabriel (not verified) on

Believe me you are not funny !


Girth and Length

by Dr. Prof. Danesh, Author (not verified) on

report! report!

Dear Cick head Iranians... If you are not fit for the job then I may have no choice but subcontract the job with the Afghan Cock head fighter and use their mushroom girth handle ....

Report... Report... length and girth

"sar-e- kolofetsh zeer-e..."

"De goftam paashneh kafsheto bekeesh baallaaa... de raa beeyoft!"


faramarz...go fuck urself

by baba (not verified) on

faramarz, so caleed hassan danesh:
you 2's go fuck urselves.
you make us puke.
and fuck you jahanshan fucking javid.



by Abol Danesh, University Professor (not verified) on

Aagh javaad nashaasheetee shab deraa-zeh....


Waste of space . . . .

by Javad agha (not verified) on

What a waste of space this has become for some to utter non-sense.


You idiot Farmarz and Dr. Hasan did you listen to President's speech and question/answer on Tuesday? If you did, either you are ignorant or liars yourself.


Stop stupid remarks because American fools are looking for excuses to use against us. Americans fools keep looking for anything to attack Iran and make AIPAC happy.


American politicians have become prostitutes in the hands of AIPAC and Corporate America.


Beyond Poor advocate propaganda: First Thing First

by Dr. Hassan Danesh, Author (not verified) on

The best course of action for the Iranians as a whole is to remove this ahmajinejad opportunist from the neotiation process and let the pretty and beautiful face of Iran shines through in all honesty--

Shaved! Showered! Perfumed! Clean attire! Courteous! Well Mannered! Polite! MOney!


"paashneh kesh"



Really Funny

by anonymous-13247890 (not verified) on



Very Nice-- Gadah Sazee keeps Islam alive

by Islam is poison for Iran (not verified) on

Islam thrives on keeping people poor.