Faramarz: Ahmadinejad hygiene

09/30/2007 - 10:50

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I admire Ahmadinejad, at

by Anonymoussss (not verified) on

I admire Ahmadinejad, at least he did not require a teleprompter like Bush.


Bolinger a Brave man

by ex-muslim (not verified) on

I admire Mr. Bollinger to say to Ahmadinejad's face what the whole civilized world wanted to tell him but didn't have a chance. Ahmadinejad proved in his speech and Q&A that he truly doesn't have the courage to answer the questions truthfully. He proved that he is truly a cruel and petty dictator's puppet. Actually, the real petty and cruel dictator is the Leader of Iran.


AHMAGHI-Nejad is a filthy Mother*ucker!

by Anonymisses (not verified) on

I always knew he was a 'Kessaafat' dirty bastard, but to be caught picking your nose? Man. Give the world ONE MORE REASON to hate your midget, hairy, chimpanzee-looking-ass even more than they do already. Why couldnt our president be an asshole, but look like George Clooney? We have some of the best looking people in the world in Iran, and yet this 'Gorilla-in-the-mist' looking asshole has to represent us! Ahmaghi-nejad, get your ass down to a spa and then get yourself down to Hugo Boss and buy a decent suit!



hidden treasures in Central and South America

by Anonymous980 (not verified) on

"Who knows what will happen? Perhaps the Mullahs are thinking about their long-delayed retirement in Central and South America, the Behesht. Nonetheless, who would have taught that the infamous Paradise, Behesht, is located somewhere in between Central and South America? Oil, Sugar, Coffee, and Beauties on the beach and jungle; what else can a man want in Paradise?

The Mullahs in Iran have just learnt that there are hidden treasures in Central and South America, without realizing that the Missionaries had discovered them way before any other men could have done so.

Bolivia is another South American country which has been stamped as part of ‘the new map of paradise’ and the Republic of Mullahs in Iran has expressed its desire to “strengthen its ties” with that land. First it was Venezuela, and then came Nicaragua, and just a few days ago at the UN meeting it was Brazil that defended the right of the Islamic Regime of Iran to pursue its Nuclear Dream, and now it is Boliiiiiviiiiia!"