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09/29/2007 - 19:35

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Fraud or Fiction ????

by Asqar (not verified) on

At least far for the past 5 years, it has been both fraud and fiction. Fiction because it has not happened, and fraud because people like you have been using it as a Sword of Damocles over the heads of Iranians to impede their century-long march toward democracy. You have your head too deep into those blogs, where "Cheney and Zionists" are shown as the main enemies of the Iranian people, thereby justifying the machinations of the repressive regime in Tehran. Also, please get this into your hot head Foad: The above caricature is just a fiction and was intended as a reference to certain social maladies deeply ingrained in the Iranian society.


Fraud or Fiction ????

by Foad on

Unless you had your head in the sand, the threat of war with Iran is neither fraud nor fiction. Mullahs may think it is a fiction but reality is that the current US administration is like a boxed in cat because of quagmire in Iraq and looking for some other adventure to redeem itself. The war with Iran is NOT going to be a land war it will be an air war and that will allow GW attacks Iran by air and then claim victory. How shallow this victory will be depends on how strong the bombing campaign and how Iran responds. No, it is nor fraud or fiction. GW is ready to strike with murderous consequence for civilian population. By listening to Ahmadinejad talk it seems in fact IRI thinks that US is simply posturing. According to bloggers, they have turned out to be more accurate than the mainstream media, a meeting between Cheney and Zionists has already taken place in Florida and Million $ have been promised for a strong campaign to sell this new GW adventure. Foad


Fraud or Fiction?

by Asqar (not verified) on

Is the imminence of war against Iran a fiction or merely a fraudulent claim to justify the nefarious ruling of the Islamic troglodytes in Iran? As the short-term prospect of such a major undertaking seems questionable, especially in the 8th year of the Bush administration, some of us are disgracefully more in tune with the rhetoric of depraved Ayatollahs than with the values of the societies that have accepted them, including the US. Condoning the reality of rampant "bache bazi" in Iran because of an unlikely war at this time is unconscionable. Right on Faramarz!!


To Mehdi

by Foad on

There is no chilling out when there is a potential of a massacre. It seems a little suspicious but you have been asking me on couple of comments, where I live? Please refer to my comment on "Someone stop this train!" under "My People". Foad


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all iranian men are bent

by jacklyn (not verified) on

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Was it Uncle Sam!

by HollyCow (not verified) on

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Insist usually involves family members.


it's true

by mrclass on

there may not be too many gay in Iran but bacheh baz, there are plenty of them. this was funny though.


shit stuff

by chibegam (not verified) on

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rabbinic tradition

by The Accusation (not verified) on

The Accusation - There is no such thing as KOSHER HOT EXCREMENT.


Despartely seeking to talk in Columbia

by Anonymouszzz (not verified) on

Desperately seeking to talk in Columbia:


Jahanshah Javid

Rudeness vs repression

by Jahanshah Javid on


So in other words you are saying you don't mind if the president of Iran is the devil, Hitler, or a dictator but you are outraged that the Columbia University president was rude to him. In fact because of this, you now like Ahmadinejad more than ever.

Columbia University's president has never greeted any foreign guest the same way and probably never will agin. But rudeness, if you want to call it that, is hardly a sin. It's just bad manners.

But which is worse: Bad manners or bad government, repression, corruption, lack of basic freedoms, etc...?


The Prez vs Columbia

by lou (not verified) on

As a non-Iranian, I would like to leave a comment on the Columbia Incident.

President Ahmadinejad may be a devil, may be a Hitler, may be a dictator, may be whatever you want to call him, nonetheless, the behaviour of the US media and the idiot president of Columbia towards him in New York make me like the Iranian Prez more and more.


Foad, chill out!

by Mehdi (not verified) on

Foad, Chill out man. Even in the "darkest moment" its good to have a bit of humor to lighthen things up.
Everybody make comments that deserve to be mocked and laughed at. The problem is that some of our world leaders - no names mentioned - put their foot in it too many times!

As a matter of interest, where are you? Inside, or outside of Iran?



by Foad on

It is shameful that in these dark days of real possibility of war against Iran you are equating the war to a nonsensical comment by Ahmadinejad. I repeat shame. Sorry not funny at all!!! Foad

Jeesh Daram

So funny

by Jeesh Daram on

Thank you Faramara, you started the day with funny captions. "peaceful purposes" :)