Well It's Over Folks, and Thank You

by Zion

Sorry to disappoint a particular group of people right at the beginning, but this is not what you think. :-) I am talking about Israel's unilateral ceasefire. Israel has done what she needed to do and now has reached the assessment that the main military objectives are met on the ground. So on 2 am local time Israel will unilaterally end the military operation and declare a cease fire. the Hamas thug cowards will as before escalate their rocket assaults in the last hours, now that they know Israel has finished her military offensive, in their usual vain attempts to save face in the last minute, to pose as if they had coerced Israel out and thus to declare their usual "victory" cries for their minions and useful sympathizers around the globe. If Hamas doesn't do something really stupid this time around, which is most improbable given their track record of cowardice, this is over. I just wanted to thank all the self-declared "bleeding heart universalist" folks whose efforts had exactly zero impact on the way this war was fought and was later declared finished. I thank them because through their loud "efforts" they managed to reveal for the rest of us a lot more than they probably realized themselves about where their true alliances lie and what were the true ideological reasons behind all the loud noise they have made these past few days. So thank you and we are looking forward to witnessing more of you come out of the closet.
Way to go Israel.


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Dear Arastoo

by Zion on

Yes of course. You are right. I meant the present war. Otherwise as long as the regime in Iran, its cronies in Gaza, West bank and Lebanon and its loudmouth activists like you see here are around, there will be no real permanent peace. It is Islamo-lefto-fascism we are dealing with.


Do we have an

by Jewish Butcher (not verified) on

answer for the Circumcision question yet?


You and the blood thirsty Zionists are the real losers not

by zionist detector (not verified) on

Palestinians and their defenders. "Some humans are not human" so the saying goes. This is true about you. You are celebrating while the rest of the people on this website are greiving for the dead Palestinian children, mothers, fathers and grand parents. People like you are the shame of humanity.

You don't belong here among us. You are an ignorant, heartless individual who have no respect for other human beings. We all want you kicked out of this website for your abusive language and for your defence for the Genocide of Palestinian people. I want to hear from the people who want this individaul out of our community.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

And the golden 'trophy' goes to ... Zion

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Congratulations Zion.

You win the first prize for the most foolish, ineffective, offending, irrational and useless defense of israel.

With a friend like you, israel will never need another enemy!

By the way, what the heck is it that you are doing in an iranian site? You don't know a word of persian and can't tell Iran from Iraq. Are you paid by the Hamas to make us all hate israel?


Zion, I really should thank

by siz fire! (not verified) on

Zion, I really should thank you for being present in this site and I encourage to continue to do so. Your presence led to show that Iranian people in diaspora stand for what they think is humane and fair, regardless that it may be in contrast with their political orientation toward the Iranian regime. In fact, despite of the huge investment of israeli propaganda to 'normalize' the grave consequences, and the image of Israel in this conflict, their brutality and arrogance was so sever that it has led to unity of many conflicting political views in this site and else. To be more accurate, this conflict and your unconditional and hugely biased defence of israeli invasion, revealed the depth of hypocracy, decitfulness and racist nature of the israeli lobbyists everywhere including this site.
I encourage you to go on with your blogs and actively go on with your baseless claims and rethorics which has proved your lack of analytical and moral capacity for any discussion.If it was not for your revealing blogs and for this stupid war, still many would have believed there remained a bit of responsibility under the mask of civilized Israel. Stay and blog more...please!


Yes Zion, Its far from over

by Arastoo (not verified) on

Now the Islamic Republic will waist even more of its money and give it away to the retards who run the Hamas. Hamas will take this free "Ajam" money, at the Iranian people's expense, to start more death and mayhem for the poor Palestinian population held hostage buy these Islamist thugs.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Yes I already saw that one Observer and I already told you

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I only know of two non-Iranian Jews onsite.

Am I missing any?


"leave us alone!" said Amiri Baraka the black writer/artist to

by Observer (not verified) on

Jewish interviewer on the radio. I was listening to KQED public radion a few years ago while driving. Amiri Baraka was being interviewed by the Jewish host named Michael Crasney at 9:00 AM. They were talking about Jazz music, suddenly Mr Baraka got mad and said you Jews take our music and pretend you started the Jazz music. The Jewish host said to Baraka that he was anti-semite.

Baraka walked out. I was startled. It was the first time that I had heard any black complain about Jews taking the credit for their music and also accuse them of meddling in their affairs.

We at iranian.com are experiencing the same thing. We are bombarded by non Iranian Jews trying to tell us how to think or feel about the world around us. Why don't you go and help your own people and leave us alone! Leave us alone Efriteh


when master says stop, dogs obey

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

that's what happened. Israel is the dog. Obama does not want a bloddy inauguration.

didn't Zionists say it will ONLY end when Hamas is disabled or when there are no more rockets?

so I guess something DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE afterall? (zion's ears are burning)

why would zionists lose so much sleep. why put so much propaganda on internet and TV if we can't make a difference?

Israelis sh*** their pants when boycotts started to happen. congratulations to all the freedom fighters. thank you niloufar. Q is right, its not over, the occupation continues. this was the main source of the true conflict.


It's far far from Over Zion, you don't even know

by Q on

the half of it.



by Humanity against War & Killing (not verified) on

You Wrote: "Israel has done what she needed to do" Yes over 1000 people killed! Congratulations.


But Zion........

by Souri on

We already knew that Israel will cease the fire right before the arrival of Obama to the White House ! This is nothing new to anybody.

All the politic analysts had already talked and predicted this, wide and long. What we wanted, was that Israel stop killing innocent people long before this date. The war had last too long. 

rosie is roxy is roshan

Just as a matter of curiosity, Zion, since someone brought it

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

up yesterday....

what are  you doing on an Iranian website anyway?


ebi amirhosseini

A Walk Through Gaza...

by ebi amirhosseini on

 Well It's Over Folks, and Thank You !!!!!.




Ebi aka Haaji