What a despicable slogan for Iranian soccer team!

What a despicable slogan for Iranian soccer team!
by Savalan

As it is seen in the photo, the slogan for Iranian Football team bus in the AFC Asia Cup 2011 is: "Princes of Persia." Unfortunately, slogans such as this one are very normal in Iran that its non-Persian population are subjected to racism and discrimination by not only the government but also by the society. The slogans for all 16 participating countries are:Australia: "We’re the Thunder from Down Under"Bahrain: "Think Once, Think Twice, Think Bahrin"China: "The Rising Dragon"India: "11 Players, A Billion Heartbeats"Iran: "Princes of Persia"Iraq: "The Lions of Mesopotamia"Japan: "Samurai Blue! Top of Asia"Jordan: "Al Nashama are coming"Korea DPR: "Win with Fight and Courage, Bring the Crown to the Motherland"Korea Republic: "Return of the King, Pride of Asia!"Kuwait: "This Is The Blue Wave"Qatar: "Al-Annabi"Saudi Arabia: "The Green Falcons"Syria: "Red Eagles"United Arab Emirates: "A Million Welcomes The Whites"Uzbekistan: "Strenght is in Unity!"


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Maryam Hojjat

I love it Too

by Maryam Hojjat on

It is great using such solgan in IRR/ time.IRI


Beautiful slogan: "Princes of Persia"

by caramel on

I am an Iranian and a proud Azari, and in my opinion "Princes of Persia" is a very beautiful slogan to represent Team-Melli & my country Iran/Persia.

Persia was / is and will always be used in cultural contexts [tradional
and historic contexts. Or should even be used, when needed, in
political contexts].

Btw, I am very PROUD to say most lionhearted princes of Iran/Persia's Team-Melli were / are Azaris.  :))
Also, I think it's time to bring the AFC championship cup back to
Iran/Persia. I wish the best to the "Princes of Persia", and I expect
nothing less than championship.

Sargord Pirouz

Hey, I'm 1/4 Azari and I

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey, I'm 1/4 Azari and I don't have a problem with it. Kinda like how non-Yankee fans don't have a problem with the New York Yankees, or non-Celtic people don't have a problem with name of the Boston Celtics.

Of course, if you're just begging for reasons not to like Iran, this would bother you. 

My guess is Darius likes it. :)

Anonymous Observer

I love it

by Anonymous Observer on

Eat your heart out you separatists!