we passed over another 11th Sept anniversary

by Saraamin

Those who live, in the end must all perish
Live as if you are already in heavens above.

Another year, another 11th Sept anniversary has come, Muslims waging war against infidels, Christians fighting a crusade war with Al Qaeda and We ordinary people of this planet just hear of cries for hatred, vengeance and war. We can't do anything about it.

Sara shourd-the American Hiker held in detain since last year- set to be released this morning. However, in the last minute the judge canceled the plea over longing of judicial procedure. Why? As an Iranian Citizen I deserve to be answered, but who cares?

I wonder sometimes about us dangling in a crazy world, everything seems incomprehensive and perplexed. Or maybe, there's nothing wrong with the world, it just runs by crazy people. I wish I could find an answer.

These days, sometimes I think about where I belong. In my country, I'm not the first-class citizen because I am not a devoted Muslim neither a believer of any kind of faith. Where I can go to live a normal life? Anywhere I go, I will be just another immigrant who seeks to steal somebody else's job. I hate to feel like that.

Perhaps, I do belong to the land of supporting terror, sabotaging basic freedom rights and Shiia! Is that where I belong really?

I feel fear in every bit of my cells. Fear of losing my spirit to many old scars of living under tyranny.

I want to write my Stories, I don't want to hush myself. I scream, I run and I live in my brain.

Someday, I will run in streets of Tehran and I will scream.

Someday I will live free.

Someday I won't be so scared of pain and death.

We live once and we ought to fight for taking back our rights.

I won't stop…We won't stop

written at 9.11.10


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