"New York Jews Pushing For War"


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by rosie is roxy is roshan

I havw unfeatured this blog because the video in question is no longer on the homepage. Thanks to everyone for your participaton.

(The first part of this blog is about New York Jews in general and the second part is about how that relates to me and this website at this time).

This blog concerns a video with a textual explanation of it that is posted at the top of the home page. It is about how certain monied Jews in New York are pushing for war on Iran. In fact the video is talking about wealthy Jews.  They are affiliated with AIPAC and the author interviewed in the video stresses that. This submission has been titled "New York Jews Pushing for War."

The author interviewed  is a New York Jew. He has written several anti-war books and books exposing Bush and the Neo-Cons. Although the title "New York Jews Pushing For War" is in quotation marks, I think it is a bad choice because it is right on top of the homepage and many people who "drop by" and just glance over the homepage will see only that, and believe that most New York Jews are warmongers. So it is potentially incendiary and damaging. 

Naturally the people who are pushing for war in Iran are also in favor of Israel's actions. I am a New York Jew. I am a non-Zionist and a pacifist and you know where I stand as regards Iran. All of my close Jewish friends are non-Zionists or at least strongly against the Israeli regime and they protest it. One of them has been traveling back and forth between New York and Palestine for years to expose Israel's wrongdoings to the press. My mother is 82 years old and spent much of her time even though her eyesight is failing and has arthritis writng letters to newspapers asking for Bush's impeachment ever since the invasion of Iraq. We are peace-loving people.

Manattan along with Berkeley is in by voters the most progressive district in the country. Many many Jews here are against the actions of the state of Israel, against war period here. We had large anti-war demonstrations immediately following the destruction of the World Trade Center when Bush first discussed the invasion of Afghanistan and the most popular slogan was "Not in My NAme." Many of the activist leaders were Jewish. Yes, we are peace-loving people.

I am also concerned about the title at this point in the website's history because (until the other day) I took myself seriously as a peace activist and I have always tried to bring that to the website, in encouraging Iranians of my generation to arrive at Truth and Reconciliaton between the warriry politcal factions. I had some success and people thanked me for it. I came back to the website when Gaza exploded because of my unusual status here as a (here) well-known non-Zionist and non-Iranian Jew to help make peace because I believe peace in the world begins with individuals and this is as good a place as any to start, actually better because of its vast outreach.

However I did something that was so disgraceful the other day that it was very damaging to the peace of the website, particularly painful to me because I'd had a few conversatons with people here who admitted to me that they had been suspicious of Jews and I'd helped them to understand that this cruel Zionist regime and Israel itself are not representative of the Jewish people or even many Israelis by our nature, although many have become psychologically ill due to the trauma of our recent histo, and I encouraged those people to dialogue with Zionists, to influence voters so that there could be hope.

What happened the other day has completely undermined my credibility on and undone any work I did here toward peace, especially concerning Gaza. I have probably become for those particular  people as much a negative representative of the Jewish people as our beloved Zion, because at least Zion isn't a hypocrite. Those people who I had achieved positive dialog with mocked me.  And this title could reinforce that perception. I'd planned to blog on all this soon anyway to explain that because of all this it will be necessary for me to leave the website permanently. This isn't like last time which I explained was due to a personal situation, When you are a public figure and you are implicated in a scandal you have to step down.

I am also afraid that due to what I did, there is even a possiblity that subconscously this title might plant even one tiny seed subconsciously in someone's head who never felt that way before  that we New York Jews and Jews in general are warmongers. And that is a very dangerous thing because as I said peace begins with individuals and you can't have peace over there where real blood is being shed until you have it here. So for the peace movement to lose even one person is a tragedy.

Please change title, Jahanshah, to: AiPAC PUSHING FOR WAR ON IRAN.


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More lies

by IRANdokht on

samsam and now rosie are saying that ID wrote them and told them to leave iranian.com. 


I guess you people are not done with your persecution. At first I was told that if I had once made myself clear this whole thing would have stopped. Silly me, I believed it to be a misunderstanding that all I needed to do was to speak up.  I guess making up stories about me makes you feel better about yourselves, so by all means go ahead! make stories, chant slogans, pick up the torches and head on full force.

all I can do is shake my head in disbelief.



PS: to those who asked me to come forward and face this mob, thanks for the advice!

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

i meant to add a big "thank you" for being straight up with me.  i knew you had the balls...:-)

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

as far my changing my name... i explained in GREAT detail when i answered zion in another blog.  american wife was too "out there".  like i just painted a big ole "x" on my chest.  i had previously used my own personal name... even worse mistake.  not all iranians are anti-american but some are.  it just made me a target and i was tired of it.  some iranians are hostile to the fact of an iranian man marrying an american woman.  again, i didn't write the book, i just read it. 

as far as the blog itself.  cruel can be defined in many ways.  putting personal feelings out there in such a way was hard.  and of course without any background information, probably DID sound harsh.  but the fact is that rosie was right on many issues.  did it go too far?  yes, absolutely.  and i absolutely include JJ in the blame game.  what he was saying behind the scene is irrelevant.  the fact is that he let it go too far.  but please don't judge me based on that blog alone.  as i said, there are many things you're not aware of. 

assumptions suck.  i hate them.  and yet i do it myself.  it's wrong but until humans are robots, it's gonna happen again and again.

someone created a registered name to make one comment... ONE comment.  it was directed to me and even today it's something that makes me want to cry.  my husband was livid beyond behalf.  if he knew for a fact who it was, he would hunt them down.  i "assumed" who it was.  maybe i'm wrong.  maybe i'm not. 

ID is a powerful force on iranian.com.  our falling out was based on another assumption.  i saved that entire blog and have read and re-read it and i stand by every word i said.  well, almost.  :-)  it's an opinion that many others share, not just me.  and one that my husband shares as well.  i discussed that particular issue with many people outside iranian.com.  and virtually every one said, "yes, it's true".  samsam and now rosie are saying that ID wrote them and told them to leave iranian.com.  i think that is simply outrageous.  this website does not belong to anyone but JJ.  i wrote in great detail about that as well.  if you want to read it, it might explain some things to you.  it's NOT just for iranians.  that seems to be the biggest misconception people have about this website.  it's a website.  it doesn't require membership or a certificate of any kind.  it's called iranian.com.  that's just a name.  nothing more, nothing less. 

my feelings and comments have been straight up... online where anyone and everyone can see them.  ID's have not been.  i know i'm on her shit list and i know everyone else knows it too.  as i said, she's a very powerful person.

so.  anyhoo.  once again i've laid my soul bare.  probably will bite me in the ass but it could use a little paring anyway.  i'm not an easy person but i'm not a sucker.  i speak my mind more than i should... NO DOUBT, but i don't take shit from nobody.  :-)

peace out.

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

and I wrote it with those intentions only.

The first issue was to ask JAHANSHAH to change the title of the blog. If he hasn't done it I'm sure he has very good reasons for thinking the title is not only appropriate but NECESSARY so as far as I'm concerned that issue is closed. If anyone else feels they need to discuss it here that's fine becasue it's RELATED to the topic but if his decison is made, so is mine.

The second issue is to show people that many of us New York Jews are very active in the peace movement and the LAST THING WE WANT IS TO ATTACK IRAN. It is important to show what we are like, my friends, my family and my fellow New York Jews to this community. It also reflects on what Jews are like in general. ALL JEWS ARE NOT ZIONISTS AND ALL ZIONISTS ARE NOT PRO-WAR (and btw all Zionists BY FAR are not Jews). That's DEFINITELY ON TOPIC, it's the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE BLOG.

The third issue is to explain why I have to leave here and it is an apology said with great regrets. Anyone who wants to comment on that, that's on topic.

ID the blog isn't ABOUT you, doesn't mention you and your first post below, after your telling me last night in a hostile tone to leave here permanently by private e-mailn could only be construed as not hostile by a psychotic. If you didn't MEAN to be hostile my advice to you remains the same as in my last post. TRY TO THINK!

The specifics of the situation between you and me are off-topic on this blog. I didn't start it, you did implicitly with that comment.

And that is that. No more. Please, no more You said last night that you smell ike a rose and you said that you let me yap those TWO DAYS on my last blog  just to prove it. And now you're calling me a liar. It's all OFF-TOPIC. So I didn't even read that post. If you want to talk to someone else here, go right ahead. But don't expect me to read your posts, much less respond.


Others please comment on the topics if you want to. I am especially interested in your perceptions of New York Jews and Jews in general vis a vis Israel. :o)

And if anyone else wants to squabble on it, please feel free. That is ALWAYS on topic on i.c. But not you ID. It's gotten too ugly and TOO LONG  and it's making me look petty (and YOU TOO) which was not my intention.



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

whatever Zion. If IC can't keep you away, i'm sure Kaveh is ok

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Chegadar to kosesher migi. You should go hire a lawyer specializing in comment leaving litigation. Now don't say dumb stuff. Slander this site all you like, but anyone is welcome to sherover as much as he/she likes.

No one was ever against Kaveh. He was the bomb. Kaveh!!! Nurse ratchet will give me my meds if you return. 



by IRANdokht on

I did not ask you to leave! Please don't lie and DO NOT make this personal!

I can copy/paste my email here for all to see.  I did not ask you to leave, I told you I have not been hounding you, I asked you if people don't stop you, and you go about slandering others, to accept that you're the responsible person. 

and more than anything else I asked you to read everything before you answer and Think!  For example Snark was Marge's word not mine, but you choose not to read everything and now you're making it sound as if I am the reason you're leaving (this time)

Please go back and read everything and acknowledge the lies and slander before you start blaming others for your actions and your possible departure (again)


PS: if I sound hurt is because I am (yes I am not made of stone either) and you did lead a whole mob to my lynching. Some people will not forget who followed you and cheered you on and what kind of nasty stuff they said. But nobody has been blaming you entirely and I have not asked you to leave this website either. By saying that, you seem to be continuing that same line of character assassination again. This time threatening to leave and feeling sorry for yourself. You already started leading them watch whatTsion is insinuating here now... 


Exactly! Where is Kaveh?

by tsion on

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he has been silently blocked and told to leave as well, or deliberately insulted in private so badly that the same objective is reached. He too was a very intelligent and independent person who clearly saw and spoke out about the kind of thing that is going on here.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

In the interest of full disclosure, Fishy (you're not anonymous)

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Not to me at least. So I'm puzzled by your new handle. I'm not over it. I thought the way you wrote to ID in that moderation blog was cruel. very cruel. I'm not over it. I know you're otherwise very kind and funny. I know. But it was shocking stuff to read. I was even more shocked that our fearless leader didn't nip that crap in the bud. I don't know what's crueler. 

And I did not target you in Nilofar's blog either. It was intended for the general hostages talking point.

Sorry if I am coming across as an ass. You don't deserve it, but I'm just human, even though I look jaundiced and fake. Speaking of which where is Kaveh?

*edit. I'm praying. I do not pray in case you did not know. I can tell that lots of excrement has landed on the fan.  

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

You wrote me last night and told me absolutely and categorically and in a hostile tone that I should leave this website. I don't blame you for any of that, you were justified. However, this being the case it is beyond hallucinatory that you would even imagine that such a statement (whether in question form or not) could be construed by me as anything but "snarky"(to use your chosen word below to Marge...) Once again, the common sense factor..

The sentence in question was alluded to to preserve that shred of dignity I spoke about below that I would like to leave with so people would know there was at least SOME causality in what I did, it wasn't right and it was hasty and irrational but it wasn't INSANE. Obviously people who know what the sentence was know it and those who don't don't. So my obliquely alluding to it, doing the cost/benefits analysis of breaking my back here to protect you when I am the one who has to leave and trynig to explain that it didn't all come out of thin air, I chose myself for the reason I explained below: that if I leave here in ABSOLUTE disgrace, as someone with a history of a tendency to major depression it will cause an emotional crisis and I can't risk that.

And there you are talking about Rosie "complaining" about a sentence she hasn't even specified when Rosie is suffering far more than you, since you said yesterday on that blog that you let it go without replying to prove how stupid the whole thing was and how right you are and how wrong I am. So what do you care if I'm complaining now? Doesn't it just prove you more right? 

As for my saying how other people should've intervened it's really only one person and I already explained And now you are talking about being crucified!. Again, backtrack. YOU CHOSE NOT TO PARTICIPATE ON THAT BLOG KNOWING IT WAS ABOUT YOU because, as you stated at the very end of the blog, you wanted to wait til the end TO PROVE HOW WRONG I WAS ABOUT YOU.  So maybe YOU share responsibility with me and the other person for letting the blog get so ugly?

Think. I'm the one who crucified MYSELF, so the least you could do is TRY to THINK before you post on this thread announcing my painful decision to leave.  And yes, we ARE all raw, but who's leaving, me or you? So don't keep putting me in a position where I HAVE to respond to you here. 

TRY to think.


anonymous fish

well he did change one blog's title

by anonymous fish on

that even the author objected to.  it made the article stand out a little more, sure.  and that of course was his intention. enough on that.

marge.  the oblique references are not lost on me.  what i'm puzzled about is "why".  you're not the type of person to start a vendetta based on someone disagreeing with you. so it makes me wonder why or who influenced this definite hostility towards me.  i'm all for playing nice and sharing my toys.  i just expect a little honesty and straightforwardness... :-)

peace out.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Goodbye blog my ass

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Put down the drugs. Come back down. If you leave, I'm out of here too. Ayatollah Zion khoshal misheh. Two fish with one stone.

just in time for eid-e-norooz. probably better. more room for the sharks in this "fishbowl". Look Rosie. 




by ROSIE UNREGISTERED (not verified) on

AnonFish, I think the problem here is more that people have to write to J. when they feel a title is bad, privately and if necessary even publicly. Not that he changes the titles. As publisher he has to be very concerned with what's on the homepage and he must have the final decision (but through the dialog between the submitters and him it should be assured that the communication channels are kept open).

As for my decision being permanent, as I said before when you are involved in a scandal in an organization you have to step down. And this is an organization and this was a scandal. ButI will see if anything comes up in the next two weeks (at which time I was planning on writing the goodbye blog) to make me think that maybe the decision shouldn't be permanent but just for a set period of time, which would be months, not weeks.

You are right, those of us who cared about the issue and it was many of us are raw. I guess that makes you a "raw goldfish". And just this second, me too, because I didn't have time to register.

Fish, Marge, I have seen both of you to be very good people who are open-minded and I have seen you evolve, as I have. I think you can get to understand each other better and become closer friends if you give it a good shot, and I hope that will happen.

Fish again: As for your comment that J. is to blame more than me for what happened, this is a very sensitive issue most people won't (nor is there any reason that they would) won't understand why you said that. I have been trying to figure out an appropriate way of addressing this issue when I write my good-bye blog.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

to be fair I'm the worst at titles and everything else/esp blogs

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

That said, I think you're right about the news feeds. What I meant was those titles of the youtube vids. Maybe he isn't doing them either. 

I don't know. Some of the articles get strange names too. Whine whine whine. Enough. It is probably like you said, he's in a rush. 

Rosie you are more hippy than I ever thought possible. 

rosie is roxy is roshan

Margie, Jahanshah and Titles

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Jahanshah is one of the most brilliant journalists I have ever been aware of in terms of choosing titles, and this was witnessed by his evocative, amusing, pithy titles when he used to do all the newsfeeds. Over the course of time, having gotten to know him and observed his work, I have also come to realize that he is far more than a person who has devoted his life to service to Iran and to world peace but also someone who displays genius in many ways which people who are not familiar with his process behind the scenes are unaware of.

When we were friends and he was doing all the feeds he explained to me that the most time-consuming thing for him was choosing titles for the site. This is not always apparent in the way articles are titled because he often tries to keep them fairly neutral. But it was very apparent in the feeds.

The only time he is bad with titles is when he is in a rush or when perhaps for whatever reason he either hasn't grasped the complete meaning of the submission or the ramificatons of the title he has chosen.

I can assure you that J. is tops in choosing titles :o)

I have seen that now that people are doing their own feeds and choosing their own titles for the feeds, he has been able to devote more time to other important aspects of the site, such as monitoring the threads and expanding the website's activites, such as music, events, outreach to facebook, and much more.

anonymous fish

i do wish JJ wouldn't change titles.

by anonymous fish on

it IS incendiary as has been proven several times already.  i think that there is a huge difference between isreal and the jewish community wanting war with iran.  IRregardless... americans aren't going to fall for this.  americans  do not want war.  and america is not going to go to war (unless provoked).  so what does it matter what a few people with a different agenda want?

marge... love the comment about the view.  :-).  but i gotta ask you.  is the "fish" comment a snarky reference including me?  i'd hope you'd have the balls you've shown before to admit it if it does.  if not, i apologize for the assumption.  i hate MF assumptions and clear them whenever i can.

roiban.  we're all a little raw.  i hope your decision isn't permanent.  it was something that was allowed to get out of hand.  the blame is less on you (or "us") than JJ. 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Got it. Can we go back to Ommati agenda now please?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

merci ID.


My dear Marge

by IRANdokht on

Your last sentence is exactly what I meant. The reason I said it the way I did was not for it to be a snark, I was trying to keep it short and to the point.

The same phrase or sentence that she is complaining about is now mentioned twice on the first page. She could have rephrased it and suggested the same for the other post. Instead the negative one is there twice (am I making myself clear now?)

Last time she made a mistake nobody said anything, she ended up blaming people for not "stopping" her.  I decided I was going to bring it up this time.


PS: we're all super sensitive, lets not feed into delusions of personal vendetta where there isn't any, just because we don't want to hurt people's feelings. It'll backfire again!


do not worry

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Essentially Iran, in a very rudimentary way, has reached a point that it will not be advisable to do so.
Essentially the US and Israel have to go nuclear and wipe out Iran. This will be very costly and leave them open to retaliation. The people who push that story, are either conspiracy minded, they are spooked by Jerusalem Post or are plain anti-Semites. People in the know, realize the war against Iran is not possible anymore. Now Dubaya might have been stupid enough to at least threat it, but is not being talked about because its laughable. Do not worry.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

ghalat kardam sorry.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

However..... you have a point ID. But Rosie is fragile right now (yekh that sounds so awful). You know why. She did something that in her words "disrupted the peace here" Rosie when was there peace here? hmm?

Anyway, it was a mistake. But someone permitted it to go on and on when it could have easily been clarified. Sorry to drudge that up.

I love snark. I live for snark. what you wrote was snarky and true, but i think you are overlooking her point about what rosie's sensitivity is about that title.

I know you understand this. I'm not saying we should always be super sensitive to everyone and everything. But come on. It's rosie.  Everyone knows her here and what she's saying is it lumps her in that category. 

NEW YORK MONEYMEN makes more sense. OR AIPAC as she suggested.  



by IRANdokht on

I formed my understanding of this in the form of a question! 

Why is everyone assuming that I am attacking or lecturing Rosie? Just because she's replying to me with hostility does not mean that I was being hostile towards her.

Can't I notice that the same sentence Rosie is complaining about is being mentioned on the first page twice without getting crucified?



Dear Rosie/Roxane

by Souri on

We all know you since more than a year now. You have been one of the most active person in the site and always showed your integrity to all of us.

The fact that you did a mistake due to a misjudgment of an ambiguous situation, does not play any effect on discrediting you in our eyes.

We all do mistakes. We all do wrong judgment. We all get confused.

What happened last week, stay in the last week memory of the site and has no effect on an image you had acquired in the site since a long while.

Please don't blame yourself for anything you had done or said last week. You have been mislead by two opposing forces: one from paranoia and frustration and the other one from indifference and silence.

If everybody was acting wisely in this regard, you would acted more wisely, too. So, the fault is shared equally byall of the parties involved.

Please do not blame yourself or fell in another paranoia regarding your self-image. No damage is done.

Keep up the good job here.



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Ok Ladies. If the VIEW freaks can keep it together....surely

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

So can we. Please stop this tension. Please. It's not good. We're on the same team. We all value peace and taking digs at each other is pointless. 

ID there are bigger fish to fry. And by fish you know what I mean! Sniperfish. Hate fish. Please let's remember this. I'll leave you both alone now. I had to get it off my chest. "The View" Mrs. Trebek is shut off now.


Don't leave Roxane ...

by Roxane (not verified) on

Dear Rosie is Roxane is Roshan don't worry and don't leave ... us left with Zion! Just continue where you thought you made an error, take stock and move on.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Irandokht, first of all,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I didn't ask to be featured although I'm glad I am. Second of all people see the submissions with photos first when they are not reading the website carefully and often don't even look at the blog titles. Third of all you said privately you weren't ever going to read me or answer me again.

Fourth of all by doing this, even though I just made a decision publicly which I (and I'm sure some other people aren't happy about) you are doing this, youare demonstrating exactly what I wrote you by e-mail last night, that you lecture me onsite about things like "common sense" and what is right and proper, to say and to others too and that because of that in conjunction with other things, you shoudn't be a chief moderator. Well you are not one and even when I thought you were I didn't say that part publicly, but I have to say it now because you forced the issue. I had no intention whatsoevr of bringing you into this blog or thread, although I did intend to do it in my good-bye blog without mentioning your name and to apologize specifically to you for those actions, but you made me have to write this post because you forced the issue.

This is because I have to maintain the last shreds of dignity I have left here, otherwise when I leave soon I will be more than upset than I already am and I will probably have an emotional crisis. Ad since I am a person with a tendency toward depresson, sometimes very severe, I can't afford to have another emotional crisis.

Sorry again for having to mention you here but....

life is strife.

Shift Editor

User rosie is roxan is roshan

by Shift Editor on

Go ahead and make your editions.  Try and do them all in one move, please.  The blog will be featured again.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

If anything it should say New York Moneymen

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

That is what Wesley Clark said. 



by IRANdokht on

You got featured. That means the sentence you are complaining about is on the first page twice?


rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I told some people there was some problem with my computer keyboard and it was causing a lot of typos. I am at a good computer in an I'net cafe but what happened is I posted the blog and was working on the corrections and also some editing to make it shorter but it got featured the same time I was submitting it and now I can't make the corrections because if I do the blog will get unfeatured.



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

JJ is the worst when it comes to Titles

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

It happened on some other things - especially photo essays. It's not the first time. Do you know I noticed that and I thought "no couldn't be." all these digs. what's the point? what is the mf-ing point?

Hopefully Benjamin Netanyahu are hi-fiving right now and planning some sexy wars. I'm sure Hillary Clinton is doing some prep on Iran now and she's like "Who is this clown Reza Pahlavi?" One thing I like about Clinton, she will not let a clown like that take away her legacy on the mid east with this. Obliterate them was bad enough.  

Darius Kadivar

Rosie Blame it On The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism ...

by Darius Kadivar on

City University of New York aka CUNY  

They seem to have not had any courses in Journalistic ethics or  probably they skipped the classes.

Eric Alterman is a Distinguished Professor of English, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, and Professor of Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.  More Here