Picture of the day - The long platform

Picture of the day - The long platform
by ramintork

Flint to Flint


I took a flint and bounced it across the water,

It flew off my palm,

and left me with some moist clay.

It bounced across the surface,

went far, and sank silent.

Sharp on the edges,

It went were it wanted to,

And where the wind,

luck or my dexterity would take it.


I am on a train.

Heading towards London.

In between two worlds,

my head bouncing against the Window.

The train reaches Kings Cross station,

I zigzag the crowd,

a sea of rushing suites,

and in my empty seat,

a half read newspaper,

is left by me for someone,

so that they would know or not know,

care or not care,

that here in this seat,

a head bounced against the Window,

eyes had shut and opened for a journey,

fingers flung the pages,

on once someone’s paper,

but now left for their palm.



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Your poem

by افشین بابازاده (not verified) on

رامین جان نباید خودت را دست کم بگیری شعر خوب همین است با این عوال و اشیا زندگی روزمره به قول مایاکفسکی بیان شعر باید به بالاترین درجه راسا و صریح باشد یکی از مهمترین وسایل تبیین تضویر است (ایماژ) . و این شعر مملو از تصویر است که خواننده را با خود به همان فضایی می برد که خودت در حین ساختن شعرت تجربه می کردی و ما هم آن را نه با دقت تو بلکه با دقتهای خومان تجربه می کنیم. نیما از تکرار بیزار بود و این شعر هم با تجربه ای تازه ساخته شده

درود بر تو


retitled poem

by ramintork on

This poem was initialy titled flint to flint.

Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

An interesting poem in its simplicity about flow of life and events out of our hands that don't mean much, yet they are what makes the fabric of our lives.