Picture of the day - Amsterdam bikes

Picture of the day - Amsterdam bikes
by ramintork

Each city has its own distinction. With Amsterdam it is the world of Canals, bikes, flowers and tall, slim people and tall, slim houses. This is mixed with the hedonistic red district and drug selling coffee shops.

I took these pictures when I was working there for a period of six month.


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Ali A Parsa

Thanks for memories

by Ali A Parsa on


I visited Holland many years before you did and I see that some things there have not changed with time and I am glad they did not. Obviously there are counries that do not promise their people unless they have something better to offer. This happens when the pubic is not enlightened. I thing little European countries cannot be fooled to any change. 

There are so many things going on in those countries and also others from which we can learn a lot. I am sure you know those, but did not want to cover everything. Perhaps you just opened a pandora box and wanted us to ask questions or elaborate the subject with what we know.

One unique feature of Dutch people was that more of them spoke English than other European countries, of course with the exception of British Isles! To me, that feature indicates that the Dutch are more universal thinkers and not as fanatic as some other people in sticking only to their own guns, so to speak. 

The other strong feature if Holland as I saw it was their unmatched efforts to make land out of the sea. I think that was called Zeider ZEa(sp.)project. When we compare this with other coutnries even America that are losing ground to lack of meaningful natural resource conservation, we have to admire the Dutch and learn from them. Of course, the use of bicycle and walking and exercise puts them ahead of practically all non-European countries who would rather become obese and spend a fortune to lose weight rather than adopting a moderat, meaningful and active lifestyle.

And, of course we can find faults with any country including Holland for their past colonial policies or their greed in disturbing the finacial structure of Europe in Tulip wars-something similar to the present economic mess in America that is negatively affecting the whole world. This is another proof that history repeats especially for those who do not read history. I hope you and other readers enlighten me on these subjects.




The bikes are private or from bike hire shops

by ramintork on

The bikes are private or from bike hire shops which are all over the city.

I wanted to sketch these photos and they were for reference but here I have digitally water colourized them.

This is from last year by the way, I'm just putting pictures of years of travel out there one day at the time.


bajenaghe naghi

ramintork jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

are these bikes private ones or are they for the citizens to pick up and ride for free  (shared bike program?) i think it looks like painting because of the light source. very nice indeed. 


Picture of the Day

by Monda on

looks like a painting at least from here.