Video: The "Third" Gold Medal, and The "Second" Silver Medal For Iran at The London "Olympics"

Video: The "Third" Gold Medal, and The "Second" Silver Medal For Iran at The London "Olympics"
by R2-D2

Today, our "Champions" won another Gold and a Silver in the Super Heavy-Weight division of Weightlifting.

These are the results:


1 Behdad Salimi (208, 247, 455)

2 Sajjad Anoushiravani (204, 245, 449)

3 ALBEGOV Ruslan (208, 240, 448)


You can watch the entire event (Group A, which includes Behdad and Sajjad) at the link below - The entire event lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes - However, the Medal Ceremony starts at 1:34:10 




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Nation Vs. Regime!

by PArviz on

Iranian nation and Iranian regime are two completely different things.

The thirst for knowledge in Iranian youth is not because the regime encourages it, on the contrary it tries to put obstacles every step of the way.

Education to many Iranian families is more precious than bread. They will do anything so that their sons and daughters get a good education. IRI wants those daughters to stay at home, have plenty of children, cook, clean and obey their husbands (in some cases sons). Many Iranian families do not want this fate for their daughters.

The gold medals, doctors and engineers are because of the people of Iran and not the regime ruling over them with utmost savagery and cruelty. 


Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!


A living sanction nation,

by Khebedin on

A living sanction nation, producing such wonderful Olympic results and sending thousands of highly qualified medical doctors and Engineers to the western world who have difficulties producing their owns, amazing , don’t you think?


Iran is 12 th now

by مآمور on

a happy day for iranian sports!!

I wear an Omega watch


Thank You :)

by R2-D2 on