I have always admired Fryedoun Farokhzad as a performer and artist.

by Paykar

I am not a blogger, so please forgive me for using this option to share with you what I came across on youtube tonight.


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Mash Ghasem

Most apt blog and comments

by Mash Ghasem on

except you know who, PN. Thank you. Your choice of Farokhzad's song on Saeid and his comrades, demonstrates your thorough understanding of our cultural  icons and their significance. Thank you. Right now I'm a bit occupied but in a few days I would like to post some poems by Saied and works on Farokhzad and his legacy in this Blog, if I may. Every time I see that picture it takes me back 30 years. Could anyone possibly imagine getting executed on your weddign night. As you correctly mentioned our history is very painful. All groups responsible for Saeid's and his comrades tragedy could and should be held responsible for their treachery. Cheers


I appreciate Farokhzad more & more as I listen more to his songs

by Bavafa on

and like Divaneh said, he paid dearly for it.

Rohesh shad, as the same for all others such as Soltanpour who became a victim of this monstrous regime.



Yes lower

by Paykar on

classes. uneducated, economically disadvantaged kids. I guess you would prefer Mostazefan. I  think you have never heard the expression: "lampoon proletariat" either.

Edit: For respect to others I removed the insulting part.


Google translator is useless

by divaneh on

Any in-house translator? 


How to make Soltanpour roll over in his grave 101

by پندارنیک on

"...of lower classes"

and most definitly in line with that Farrokhzad guy.




Good video

by divaneh on

Thanks for sharing. With regards to the brave Farokhzad and his love for his country and people, I think he proved it the hard way.



by Paykar on

dear Roozbeh. The vocal supporters of the regime are the mobsters themselves, brain-washed paid memers of lower classes, and most despised, at least, in my book are the type you described.

Thanks for the poem.


Slight disagreement with Rafigh Ghasem here..

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 The character in question, back then, was most probably a SAVAKI, now a cyber Etelaati with half dozen user ID's specialising in pseudo intellectual meaningless bull crap. I say this in defence of Truth and not Tudeh Party!

And as the blog itself. thank you so much Peykar here a link, if I may..



"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Comrade Ghasem

by Paykar on

We have a painful history.

Mash Ghasem

Paykar jan kep in mind this Pendary used to be Imam's Line

by Mash Ghasem on

back then, Tudeh specifically. They used to work hand in hand with IR forces to put down the opposition to mullahs, then you know what happened to them. Old habits die hard. I have a couple of items on Farokhzad and Soltanpour I'll post them when I get a chance, thanks again for your timely reminder of both these beloveds, sepas.


If you had read the the

by Paykar on

If you had read the the info that was in the description of the video( on youtube), you would not insulted him or the viewers by writing " allowing some "elements" like Farrokhzad to jump on the sentimental wagon is really something else."

This song was recorded thirty years ago, when not enough time had passed for creation of a "sentimental wagon". And what do you mean by "elements?"

Experince has shown me that those who wear their beliefs on their proverbial sleeves, violate the essence of their beliefs all the time. Think begore you open thine mouth.


شب بود، بیابان بود...


Remembering those who traded their lives  for their beliefs, so to speak, is one thing; allowing some "elements" like Farrokhzad to jump on the sentimental wagon is really something else.

Where is the song for the doorman at NIRT whom Farrokhzad slapped on the face?......

And then one day he woke up and felt the itch to become a working-class advocate.....Pfffftttttt.

Soltanpour deserves more originality......... 

Mash Ghasem

That is a picture of Soltanpour's wedding night,

by Mash Ghasem on

he was executed a day to that dance. One day soon we'll all listen to this song in Tehran. Paykar aziz sepas.