Explosion in the Tehran refinery; accident or?

by nozarmahallati

Was the explosion and fire at the Tehran refinery on Friday an "accident" or start of MEK activities?

If I remember correctly, after the proponents of Khomeini set Cinema Rex on fire, there was at least 1 and possibly 2 explosions at the Tehran refinery.

Time will tell. 




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Just posed a question

by nozarmahallati on

The Jewish arm of the MEK was behind the explosion of the Chevron refinery which is now causing us to pay $4.99 for premium.

Joking aside though, I am not suggesting that for certain, the MEK set the explosion in Tehran.  Just a question; I am hoping they did but as I mentioned time will tell. 



by Cost-of-Progress on

Yeah, I know it is irresitbale to comeup with conspiracy theories, nature knows we're good at it. However, believe me you that refinery incidents, especially in places where safety is not taken seriously, are not all that uncommon. Just a few months ago,, the Chevron refinery outside San Francisco had a major explosion, Do you think MEK did that too?

Look up Process Safety Mangement, PSM (14 elements) on the OSHA website and tell me how many of those elements are fulfilled, in say Iran?